1-Minute Audio Test for Stereo Speakers & Headphones


Test your speakers and headphones for common problems.
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0:00 Channel Identification (Left vs Right)
0:04 Channel Levels
0:13 Speaker Polarity (Normal, Inverted)
0:19 Buzz/Rattle Test Sweep
0:39 Phantom Center Stability

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– First 4 seconds use “Counting From 1 to 20” by EnjoyPA @ under Public Domain, CC0 (Creative Commons 0)
– Other test signals are created by Outlier Studios

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// FAQ

– Why don’t I hear the inverted sound on my cellphone speaker?
Mobile devices often have a single speaker on board, and sum L & R audio signals before the speaker output. Therefore during the Inverted signal test, you would hear absolutely zero signal output. This is by design, and not something to be concerned about.

– I hear buzz during the test. Is this ok?
Lots of reasons you could be hearing buzz – could be the speaker driver, the way it’s attached to the enclosure, anything in the enclosure or surrounding the speaker, the amplifier, etc. I would first identify the source and see if you can eliminate it – brace things down if you can, shake the enclosure, use rubber spacers etc. It could turn out that the speaker driver itself is damaged, in which case you probably need to replace that particular driver if removable, or the whole speaker if not.

A buzz during the test means it’ll probably buzz during music playback, but may not be as noticeable. The sound won’t be as clean as it could be, but a slight buzz probably doesn’t mean the speaker is getting damaged.

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