Age of Empires 2 Soundtrack (Full)


Age of Empires 2 The Age of Kings + The Conquerors OST.
Composers: Stephen Rippy, Kevin McMullan.

0:00 Shamburger
3:23 I Will Beat On Your Behind
6:19 Drizzle (Firelight Smoove Mix)
8:55 Machina del Diablo
11:57 T Station
15:10 Bass Bag
18:20 Ride, Lawrence, Ride!
21:06 Smells Like Crickets, Tastes Like Chicken
24:11 Operation Monkey
27:31 Tazer

30:35 Pork Parts
33:49 Pudding Pie
37:06 Tide Me Over Warm ’em Ups
40:02 Voodoodoodoo
43:01 The Bovinian Derivative
46:12 Case in Point Paste
49:12 Mountain Lie On, Seamus and Chamois
52:36 Subotai Defeats the Knights Templar
55:42 Roi-r!, Basura! Basura!
58:23 Neep Ninny-Bod


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  1. Sleep in the saddle. Drink the rain. Eat nothing but dried meat, dried milk, and horse blood. Such is the life of a Mongol at war!

  2. I grew up playing this game on our very first PC which we got in 2001. I was only 5 years old but I played this game throughout my childhood and in to my teens. I ended up moving out of home and only had an AirMac which I used for uni. I wasn’t aware I couldn’t play AOE on it till much later on. It’s been so long but I still remember all the music, the campaign modes, cheat codes and more importantly the many hours of fun I had playing this. Thank you AOE.

  3. AOE4 is gona be epic. I never played AOE 1, 2 or 3, but as a child in 2006 I got Age of Mythology for the summer. Then I got the standard edition in 2007, and then the Titan's Expansion edition in 2010. In 2016 I got the steam version with the Chinese DLC and I'm still playing it to this day. Seeing Age of Empires 4 with the new graphics, textures and gameplay just makes me hyped. Gona be an epic RTS.

  4. this can easily be remastered into actual music with better instruments and with only a few changes.. also maybe even vocals too

  5. this is just perfect, the OST of the original game only runs from the cd, but who have a PC with CD today ? install the game, install Upatch for HD and let this playing on background!

  6. 10年前に遊んでいたゲーム音ですが1音1音しっかり覚えているものですね。


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