Apple MacBook Air vs. Dell XPS 13 | Which Is The Best Portable Laptop?


Dell and Apple both have new laptops in 2020: The XPS 13 and the MacBook Air. I’ve used both for weeks, so I have some thoughts on which one you should buy.

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Dell XPS 13:

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  1. laptop reviews – omg touchpad gestures r so important … using windows laptops for 10 years, dont use gestures
    mobile reviews – vibration is sooo important … dont use vibration at all, even while typing in virtual keyboard, none of my friends do that

  2. It doesn't 'completely' outperform the macbook pro now does it. Don't stick in subtle opinions whilst pretending to be objective.
    And i have an xps.

  3. Look at theese two!! One from the future and one from the bad old bezels.this guy looks like a MacBook lover

  4. Dell XPS 13 is the most gorgeous ultrabooks of all time it has 16:10 ratio screen minimum bezel, 13 inch 4K resolution touch screen display Gorilla Glass, fingerprint scanner (Windows Hello recognition system), power button, larger keyboard, larger mouse trackpad, memory card slot and long battery life. It can run a Ubuntu Operating system as a cloud computing ultrabook. (Developer Edition) It's most thinner than the Apple Macbook Air 2020 and easy to carry and all-around mobility. It's the most gorgeous Windows 10/Ubuntu device of all time than the previous generation Dell XPS 13 models and the Apple Macbook Air 2020. I would prefer Dell XPS 13 (2020) than Apple Macbook Air 2020 because a lot of distinctive features and configurations such as ability to running an Ubuntu OS. (Developer Edition variant).

  5. Macbook user here. Where apple once reigned supreme in terms of laptop aesthetics, I think they are now lagging behind because of the thickness of their bezels. That XPS looks incredible

  6. Why the hell does that XPS 13 screen keep bugging out every time the dude opens the lid? ( 9:46 , 3:58 )If I’m paying > $1000 for a laptop I expect it to be smooth. You pay a premium for Apple but once you get used to the smoothness small things like that get really annoying.

  7. The top 2? Nope. Remove the MacBook and replace it with the Intel 10th gen HP Spectre x360. Then you have the top 2.

  8. I buy a computer for its software the Dell could have a gold lining and I’m still not buying it even if its great💁‍♂️

  9. XPS 13 is fire, remember when Apple used to offer the best Notebooks on the market? Boy, has those days been long gone!

  10. What the… Dell XPS13 Speaker sound worse then Smartphone Speakers?!? Literally EVERY other trusted review out there is praising them, rating them as nearly on par with Macbook Speakers (which are the best out there, no doubt).

  11. my issue is, a 4k display on a 13 inch laptop is not useful at all and nobody will be able to tell the sharpness difference from a 1440p display over a 4k display unless youre an inch from the screen

  12. This was a good review! I’m glad you didn’t start talking about how the new MacBook Air has these so called thermal issues. The demographic for the MacBook Air is casual users or students who use it for word documents, email, YouTube, Netflix/movies and music. All theses techtubers who are reviewing the new Air are cranking the processors to the max and wondering why it is heating up to 100 degrees Celsius. Most people who use this are never and don’t plan on using photoshop or all these processor heavy applications like they do. The techtubers are scaring off normal people who just want a fast decent laptop for simple daily tasks and making people second guess their purchase thinking it’s going to run hot and slow. That’s NOT true. And for people who are worried about getting the new Air and then a month or so later the new MacBook Pro comes out and you wish you got that, think about this – do you really need the Pro? Do you plan on running intense programs? Probably not. So if you’re worried and can afford it, upgrade your MacBook Air to the i5 processor and even add 16GB or RAM if you’re worried about longevity if the laptop. It’ll run perfectly fine, so don’t worry about what most of these YouTubers are saying who are trying to use the MacBook Air for heavy applications that the PRO should be used for. 90% of the users for this laptop just want it for simple things and enjoy macOS. That’s it. So make the purchase, it’s a GREAT laptop 👍

  13. Not a fair comparison, the Xps 13 should be compared to the MbP 13 (1799$ model because of the cooling, the base model would also be fine for comparison) or the new 14 when it comes out.

  14. Excellent no nonsense comparison review of the two best ultraportables around!! Really loving the channel and the way you guys are presenting the content, covering all the aspects…Great Job!


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