Auto Lending: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


Auto lenders can steer vulnerable people into crushing debt. Keegan-Michael Key and Bob Balaban help John Oliver show exactly how.

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  1. After watching John Oliver for a while, I get to the conclusion that US system is best at feasting on the weak. Its amazing how much it puts them down and elevate the capital.

  2. I mean that's fucked up but the first Lady might consider a fucking bike. It would be good for her health and it wouldn't take two fucking hours.

  3. 2 things… I don’t believe in “10 minutes in car but has to take pu pic transportation for 2 hours, sounds suspicious… 2. Why you left your baby by itself in the car in the first place if you know any minute they’ll take your car cuz you are not paying?

  4. If you get ripped off at a car lot thats 100% on you, there is a lot of government regulation that requires the lot to let you know upfront your rights when you sign the agreement. Its all there. If you dont read it which no one does, thats all on the buyer. The people going to these shady lots are often desperate and throw caution to the wind, and dont know a lot about how credit works and thats why they are there, because its gone badly for them in the past. Its on the buyer

  5. hearing the bit about the smoke detector bit was amazing. the smoke detectors in my house have all been going past their 7-year expiration date since yesterday and now we have to take them all out and they literally will not stop beeping until we do so

  6. Must not have been a lot going on this week if the story he leads with is: “Woman Uses Loan Financing At Used Car Dealership, Gets Used”

  7. Cars are not expensive, least in US. You ban buy a decent and reliable used car in america for two grand. The problem is consumerism, and people always wanting to have the latest car to impress other people. But in terms of having a vehicle for transportation, is extremely affordable.

  8. She didn't say her company didn't know what a credit score was, John, she said they don't look at it. They'd have to know what it is to know they are not looking at it.

  9. Watched this at 2:33 pm. Put a 9 month old baby to watch that part about the 7 month old and he just blink. I think he was thinking "No your the dumby" lol

  10. If it really takes 10 mins by car. Why isn't she walking there? Would definitely take less than 1 to 2 hours and you get your exercise done for the day. That's how I do it now.

  11. If you want to pay cash for a new pickup, there is an instant penalty (i.e. the salesman increases his price) of about $1,000, because the salesman loses his financing commission. This happened to me at a Ford dealer in 2016.

  12. Just a scenario by example; somewhere in 2020 we do have a pandemic and 20%+ US citizens will loose their income by laid off. Would that be a house of cards?

  13. Or we could, ya know, get rid of Urban Sprawl so that owning a car wouldn't be necessary in order to hold a job. Maybe build cities to be more compact. Maybe invest more in our public transportation?


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