Best Android Launchers (2019) | Viewer Recommendations Pt.2


Reviews of more of the best Android phone launcher apps that you guys recommended in my previous customisation video. These are all available to download from Google Play and most are free to use, although a couple require a ‘donation’ to unlock the most premium features.

Customized Pixel Launcher (CPL)

This is my favourite of the recommendations, offering a near stock look and feel to your desktops. However, dive under the surface and the level of customisation is bonkers – you can edit and personalise every bit of your Android UI!

Launcher 10

Square Home Launcher Windows Style

Anyone who still has love for the defunct Windows Phone OS will get a kick from these two apps, which add a Live Tiles layout to your smartphone.

Before Launcher

Slim Launcher

If it’s a lack of distractions you crave, then check out this pair. Only your most important apps are available from your Android desktop, while notifications can also be culled to give you some peace.


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  1. Square Home 3 Launcher is literally the BEST Windows 10 Mobile like emulator out of all the launchers I've tried, I'm so glad I found it because I was a fan of the tiled start menu on Windows Phone, I tried iPhone and then Android phones but they could never fill the same love I had for the interface until now 🤗 if you were a fan or a Lumia user I swear you're going to love it

  2. Square Home user, coming from Launcher 10, and I still haven't found anything that would be more beautiful and customizable than Square yet, LOVE IT!

  3. 0:47 Customized Pixel Launcher (CPL)
    1:45 Launcher 10
    2:40 Square Home Launcher Windows Style
    3:09 Before Launcher
    3:55 Slim Launcher

  4. Square Home #!!! Yes I have been using this launcher for some time…and it is super customizable. You can easily make your entire home screen as a darkmode by enabling 'style' and transparent on the icons. You can live tile or not or nest. It is truly great. I think one of the best Launchers as you can choose specific apps and size for the home screen. It is also good for seniors. I installed it on my mom's phone and set it up with big icons for the important things for her and direct contacts and even 911 at the press of a button. But that is my opinion because it gives so many options and styles. Though the feature on the Pixel Launcher of being able to secure certain apps with a passcode or fingerprint is a great asset. If Home Launcher had that that would be great. Great review and thanks for all the great and amazing videos you produce with great insight, realness and humor!

  5. I love home square launcher, but one I like even better is smart launcher. It's highly customizable. I like a clean home screen and Smart let's you have nothing on the home screen but a button at the bottom which you can add your favorite apps to. Truly a great launcher.

  6. Square Home 3 – Launcher is the best Windows 10 launcher in the Play Store for Android. Been using it for several years and it consistently gets good reviews.


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