Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 7390 vs HP Spectre x360 13T: Which is better?


Gordon pits two 13-inch Ice Lake laptops against each other in a head-to-head showdown: Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 7390 vs HP Spectre x360 13T. We cover 11 categories, and at the end crown the best 13-inch Ice Lake laptop!

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Shot on Sony a7s ii’s:

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  1. No usb port or hdmi is a deal breaker for me on the dell.not buying bloody usb 3 to usb c connections.Soldered ssd is pathetic. Solderd ram on the hp is poor. No to both.

  2. ssd replacement is necessary when you need to send the machine to service and want to not to give them your private data

  3. Is the person in the checked shirt only there for making "genuinely surprised" expressions on his face. Honestly irritating after a while. He wasn't adding shit here. Except his dumb face

  4. The guy on the left just reads out the specs off his screen.
    The guy on the right simply agrees with his partner as if he doesn't know what's going on.

    Amateur quality review . A total disappointment.

  5. One of the BEST comprehensive comparison videos I've seen. The format was perfect. I thought it was very well balanced and fair. I know you were covering a lot of ground but I would have liked to have seen just a bit more detail on the performance comparison….e.g., you said the Dell was slightly more performant…I would like to have seen a few benchmarks that illustrate how they compare in key/relevant and meaningful benchmarks. Also generally I didn't agree with the decision to call the pen issue a draw…you said the Dell Pen was "slightly" better than the HP pen but it cost $100 vs free for HP's. To me that is a hands down win for HP. Most people (unless you are an artist) use the Pen for very basic functions so "slightly" better in this case doesn't justify $100 charge. To me I'd easily give HP the win because of he $100 price differential. And if you are an artist you're probably going to look for something better than what either of these can offer. IMO.

  6. hi need some help. is the below spec enough for multitasking(web browsing, ms office, watch youtube or netflix).

    i5 1035G4
    8gb RAM
    1 TB SSD

    thank you

  7. I think the win would go to the hp for display as well with the new refresh since they've added an oled screen. they've also added a ssd 1tb of storage to the 13 inch

  8. The soldered SSDs is more so a problem if the laptop goes bad. If your motherboard breaks and you don’t have a recent backup then you’re basically fucked. You’re going to have to pay thousands for data recovery or accept that you lost all your data. Whereas if the drive was removable, you can just pop it out and put it in another machine easily to get your data back

  9. I really wish one of these reviews would address the massive overheating issue plaguing the Spectre. I understand it’s a great computer out of the box, but when it’s running over 80c browsing a webpage, I want to know what these are going to do one or two years down the line.

  10. Been thinking to buy one of these 2 laptops, this review is the best by far for me compare to others. Here i come hp spectre x360..

  11. tldr; asian guy talks a whole bunch while white guy sits there and pretends like he understands what's going on


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