Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (Late 2019) – An HONEST Review


The new Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 has been in plenty coverage lately but we decided to give this new ultra portable Ice Lake notebook an actual review. Is it really that good or are there some glaring problems that should stop you from buying it?

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  1. You can get a lenovo yoga (ideapad) s740 for almost the same laptop for half the price of the dell xps 13

  2. The performance of this pc is so bad, means not even good enough to do some browsing, its lagging even when i was typing this comment. I am using dell past 5 year but not anymore.

  3. I don't own one of these, but I do get the feeling that you were criticizing it for not being a different kind of laptop. Obviously you're not intended to plug a mouse and hard drive into something like this, and the camera sucks because it is absolutely microscopic. Gopros and drones use micro SD, and it's obviously not a workstation for pro apps.

  4. Given what's going on now I think I will wait until the 2021 model. I certainly can not afford it this year since its been 8 weeks since I got paid and it will take me at least three months to recover back to where I was. Then I need to rebuild my savings which will take another year. By that time the next model will be out.

  5. DELL XPS 13 7390 2 in 1, is the worst laptop ever, it’s completely unreliable! I spent countless hours troubleshooting many problems, Windows 10 is completely broken on this laptop. I still can't reliably transfer files to and from my external HDD's, speed goes very often to 0 B/s for 10s and then resumes for 2s and so on. It's very loud laptop. It wakes up and heats up really hard on closed lid, no update fixed it yet. Most of the problems are maybe because of Windows and I can't switch to linux, because it is not supported… I can't reach any English support from Japan, ffs!!! I just switched to MacBook Pro which is amazing, it just works great and I spent a day to learn it! Now I need to get rid of this crap!

  6. When are we going to see a 2-in-1 XPS 13 with factory installed Ubuntu on it? I am really looking forward for it.

  7. If you are used to mechanical keyboard yeah you gonna hate it. But for the target people of this laptop its really good. And for the mouse who buy a ultrabook with a wired mouse? Bro keep out the gaming mind set when reviewing a not gaming product. You’re review is just pathetic.

  8. 2:27 Weird designflaw. Thumbs up to you for pointing that out. Certainly a different story from Linus' sponsored video.

  9. I realy Love the Keyboard! I think this are personal preferences, in fact i hatte the Spectre x360 Keyboard, its soft and wobbly an not crisp. The short travel of the xps Keyboard is perfectly fine, its just that little bit longer than the MacBook Keyboard.

  10. Not mad at the review at all but I think the op should realize what your paying for with the xps 13 2 in 1 is the slick build quality, superior track pad and a 16 10 aspect ratio, with the best screen in its class (Even though its not OLED better than the spectre I was using) The battery doesn't take long to charge at all in my experience but goes quite quick (like 4hrs quick at times) if using the 4k model. I actually like the keyboard, as for throttling, there is an ultra performance mode.

  11. Just received the XPS 13 4K. I7 10th gen, 2019 late edition, Please dont buy its a dead brick, constant screen flicker, 8 cores running at 100% watching a 4K video ????, serious issues with overheating and performance, dont make the same mistake I did !!!, now over 21 days so Dell wont accept a return, best I can hope for is a product recall.

  12. I think this review is a bit biased. For one, the typing experience is subjective. This an Apple style butterfly keyboard but without the reliability problems. I personally enjoy the snappy solidness of it. It goes along with the tactility of the solid, thin metal slab we like in ultraportables. Objectively, typing speed is the same, and I think it comes down to personal bias in what people are use to with conventional keyboards. I prefer the clicky solid feel.

    Secondly, those are two thunderbolt type c ports. This is future proofed, external GPUs will become a lot more common and affordable, type A will become obsolete, and all the legacy I/O can reach a desktop level with a dock. Its not like I’m missing the Ethernet ports of laptops from the past. With cloud storage, nobody should be using flash drives regularly (it’s recommended against in a lot my classes now), the micro SD is still there for photographers and such, and the thunderbolt option is amazing for external SSD’s where external storage will realistically be utilized. For everything else that connects with a cable, I can just buy the right cable.

  13. If your going to shell out that much dough, why not buy two thunderbolt 3 hubs? Get two seven port L with 105watt cable thunderbolt 3 hubs, goes with the mouse pocket.

  14. Brilliant review. Sounds like the perfect do it all airliner tray friendly machine. Except: The keyboard, what a disappointment and thanks for highlighting it because I was about to but one today! I tried a regular 13 XPS yesterday and the keyboard is fantastic. Looks like Dell did a pre 16" MacBook and tried to go too thin at the expense of ergonomics. Lenovo X1 Yoga it is then. Pity because the 2 in 1 XPS has better hardware spec and 32GB RAM be good for video editing on the go.

  15. There are rubber feet on the keyboard deck. They are where the hinge is. This allows for the keyboard to be elevated off a flat surface

  16. This review is brought to you by… wait for it…HP.

    I bought an HP Elitebook x360 three years ago and the screen basically cracked under gentle use within the first 3 months. This is a known defect with Spectre x360 but they won't cover the same screen on the Elitebook x360. Also lots of quality defects on the unit in general over the years. I paid through the nose and I would never buy or recommend another HP again.

    I bought the XPS for the 32GB of memory so I could run development VMs on it. No other laptops in this class offers this. This rest of the complaints are immaterial to me.


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