Dell XPS 13 2018 (9370) vs 2017 (9360) – Which should you buy?


How does the new Dell XPS 13 2018 (9370) laptop compare to the older 2017 (9360) model, and is it worth upgrading? I’ll compare the differences between both laptops and help you decide if the new 2018 model is worth buying, or if you should instead consider the older 2017 model.

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  1. I’ve heard complaints of the Killer WiFi cards working terribly. Do you think it would be a risk buying the newer 9370/9380 models over having a replaceable WiFi card on the older 9360? I don’t game, or do any intensive work. I’m just afraid of the card crapping out on me trying to use the internet at my campus.

  2. I recently purchased the 9360 based off this video. thanks for explaining the differences. I bought the laptop for DJing and really needed the 2 usb ports and dont need the 4k display either. Cant wait for it to come in the mail on thursday!

  3. Hi, I am looking for a Dell XPS 13 and I wonder what would be the best option to buy. On the one hand, there is a XPS 13 9360 (2017 model) with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD, and on the other hand there is a XPS 13 9370 (2018 model) with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. Both are almost worth the same. Which one do you recommend me? Thanks for you answer.

  4. Hey mate, I've had the need to pickup a laptop for work and dived into the laptop world for the past 24 hours (lol). Probably viewed about 10+ of your videos, good comparisons. Being able to see someone in the real world use the machines is a bloody lifesaver, I would have bought something I probably would have regretted (metabox, just too big for work, but they look amazing). I think I'll settle on the XPS as it'll be 90% work, 10% play… need to consider lugging the thing around 24/7, I can stick to old games anyway (crosses fingers rocket league will run @ 60fps even on crud settings)

    Keep it up man, really helped me out.

  5. One of the few models that seems to support all 4 channels through the thunderbolt connector and plays about as nice as any model with an EGPU. This on top of redoing the thermal management makes this a model that may start to be useful to graphics and CAD intensive tasks like CAD and heavy duty video editing.

  6. You forgot to mention revamped cooling in the 2018 model, which allows the cpu to run at full clock speeds without throttling.
    One can even use it for gaming connecting external gpu
    Plus the full hd model now also comes with glossy screen covering as an option, which is a nice change, as glossy screen was previously only available for impractical 4k model

  7. That camera must be great for trimming nose hairs! Nice review, Jarrod! Pro production as always, mate! Although at the end, it looked like your RGB mouse was having a fit! Must have heard all the news about Micron and Ngreedia!
    Oh yeah! I'll have a video up soon. I just have to fix my camera. My dog went nuts when she saw another dog, and…. Well, she is a Jack Russel Terrorist! LOL!

  8. Sorry it's off topic but what about that MSI GE72MVR 7RG Apache Pro ( with GTX 1070) review? There is no professional review and I love yours.


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