Dell XPS 13 (2020) review: The laptop endgame


Two designs defined the past decade in laptops. The early decade was all about the MacBook Air, which dominated the first half of the 2010s and inspired a sea of look-alikes. The second half, however, was all about Dell’s XPS 13. The original thin-bezel, small footprint laptop, it started a trend that is now ubiquitous.

However, after four years of iteration, Dell has cooked up something new. Something fresh. Something that takes everything I’ve long loved about the design and moves it forward into a new era.

Don’t call it a reboot. This is the laptop’s endgame.



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  1. Not gonna lie but as a MacBook owner, I actually envy this laptop. Wish I waited before buying my MacBook Pro this past fall.

  2. Don't buy a Dell XPS!
    I have a XPS 15 and it arrived with a defect on the screen and on a replacement screen after that aswell. The quality control at the productionside is really bad. Safe yourself the hassle. These kinds of experiences shouldn't have te happen at these pricepoints.

  3. Great laptop. But not good for Android app development or if you are using a simulator for flutter etc. It freezes so much and the only way I can get it to work well is with the eGPU attached otherwise not really a great performer

  4. Ordered 2 weeks ago (white frost) and still awaiting fulfillment. Production delay due to stocked out components. Dell reports no ETA on delayed parts…

  5. Strange review. You said it’s not for heavy duty video editing, neither is it for gaming. So why would one spend the extra cash on this laptop that is only good for light uses such as doing office docs or watching YouTube content? There are many cheaper options with slick designs and more ports for these light uses right? Alternative an iPad can also do the same tasks for these light uses…

  6. Honestly I’m waiting to see if any problems start to arise, and for some discounts since Dell always comes in clutch with the discounts. Nice review.

  7. A big miss in this review is discussion of FHD vs. UHD. I’m pretty sure that the beefy configuration you have (4 core i7, 16 GB RAM) only comes with the 4K UHD screen. It does NOT get all-day battery life. I have the XPS 13 2-in-1 7390 (pretty much the same as the one you reviewed, only the 2-in-1 version) with 4 core i7, 16 GB RAM, and UHD. I get 5 hours if I use WIndows battery saver and 50% screen brightness. I really like the screen and prefer it to the FHD. But battery life suffers. This distinction needs to be made very clearly.

  8. I bet it costs them 250$ to make – they charge probably 2000$ for it 😀 … Welcome to the world of consumerism! Only a dumbass would buy this !

  9. I couldn’t agree more, this is a fantastic laptop. I waited for the one terabyte version and it will be my laptop for many many years. Can’t beat it, but, there is a known Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issue when coming out of standby. It bit me and my wife, as I bought two units. I solved it with two driver changes. Having two units allowed me to do some great testing. No lag on Bluetooth anymore, and whatever you do make sure you run 5G and not 2.4 as that was part of my problem. Anyway, a fantastic laptop once I got it tuned up.

  10. How does the XPS stack up with the Latitude when it comes to durability and reliability? Which one is more likely to perform at a high level for 7 years? Would it be the Latitude since it's a business laptop?


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