DELL XPS 13 VS DELL XPS 15 (Skylake) Comparison!


The Dell XPS 13 (9350) and XPS 15 (9550) has been refreshed with Intel’s Skylake. The Dell XPS 15 also has a new but familiar design. Check out my review and comparison of the recently refreshed Dell XPS 13 and Dell XPS 15.

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  1. 15's keyboard could've been a bit spread out since it has more space. I don't get why the speakers are not on the front since it has the space…?

  2. So I am a student and I usually open multiple browsing windows on chrome and firefox, open word, open power point, and open excel all at the same time. would the xsp 13 be able to handle such workload without any lagging?

  3. Will be enough 13,3 for a lot of typing and internet surfing? Or better to take 15,6? I mean could be 13,3 harmful for eyes? Is it comfortable for day-to-day work?

  4. THANK YOU for very good recommending comparison between the two XPSs.
    Im so excited to wait for the 4K i7, 512GB SSD model which the most money burned one.
    But seems it gonna bring me to the good-hood of using experience. 🙂

  5. i prefer buying the xps 15. now, my problem is where can i buy laptop? is it online or in store? any suggestion?

  6. for those worried about dell customer service, here is my experience with them so far. my xps 13 (nicest computer ive EVER owned, blows my yoga 700 out of the water) suddenly wouldnt wake up after putting it in hibernate mode. i tried everything, pulled it apart and disconnected the battery etc…. nothing worked. i got up with dell and they immediately sent someone out to my house to check it out, he was there 3 days later (i talked to them on a friday, he came monday) well the phillips head screw was giving me fits when i tried to take it out and i ended up slightly stripping it, when he got to it he must have finished it off so there was no getting it apart at my house. he sent a box that arrived two days later, i packed my computer up and sent it off expecting a good month or so wait… it arrived on a wednesday morning, they had already fed ex overnighted it that afternoon! i got it back in perfect working condition. they replaced the motherboard. i had no problem buying the xps 15 after this experience

  7. This video was very helpful! Im going off to college in a few months and am serious considering these but im still not sure whether or not the 15 will too inconveniently large… Any suggestions??

  8. I want the dell xps 15 9560 maxed!!! ( what i mean by maxed is all of the things it needs completed no more need )


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