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The Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 (9575) is their first 15-inch convertible laptop – with a 360 hinge, refined design, 8th gen processors and AMD VEGA graphics – but is the 2-in-1 worth buying, or should you wait for the new XPS 15 2018 notebook refresh?
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  1. Hey Chaps! It's possible the speaker/rotation issues are unique to my unit – however it is a retail model (I bought it myself), so perhaps this is a sign of possible QA issues? I'll keep an eye out and update when I know more 🙂

  2. Is it possible to increase the battery life for this XPS 15 2 in 1 and is it possible to remove webcam if required..?

  3. These also have known trackpad issues which can be costly replacements., trackpad has a mind of its own or stops moving etc. Dell seem to be ignoring the issues

  4. is an i5 8/256 a good deal for 1000usd in october 19 knowing thet fact that the newest base xps 13 with 10th gen i5 8/128 hovering around 1200usd. yes, dell xps is freaking expensive in malaysia

  5. I'm very jealous of you, because you can buy everything of technology product to see it, take it, touch it and test it!

    I have been trying to buy a laptop for three years, But because of my country's conditions I can not to buy it.

    Dell xps is very expensive …This laptop has a 15-months full time job salary in my city… And I'm still a college student…

    I thank you very much for recording this video. I'll try to get more power from your videos to buy a laptop that I love it. thank you very much❤️

  6. On the Dell website for the 16gb RAM version the only option was the 4k screen. Did I miss the option for a 1080p screen?

  7. Were you aware that for some strange reason the HDMI 2.0 port onboard the laptop will NOT work with devices that have resolution higher than 1920×1080? Dell suppport told me that after replacing the motherboardl, so even within Dell tech support this isn't widely known. That's simply daft. Even my old Dell SJS laptop that's 9 years old works fine at 1920×1200 on its internal HDMI port, but not this one. Somebody somewhere made a bigtime screwup in the design of this thing. Otherwise I agree, it is a fine machine, and fantastic at video rendering. The WLAN card could have been better though…

  8. imma comment here that your performance was likely down to not having correct drivers installed and instead using whatever windows update or dell included, which i have confirmed with a few people that have this laptop that if you grab drivers from AMD directly for intel even the performance increase in gaming should be around 15-20%. as for why you adobe premier or davinci workload was slower.. thats down to settings and the application support.. not uncommon they break or lack support, and 16 minutes for a video thats 5 minutes long sounds about right for a CPU only render..

    also im sad to see a complete lack of follow up from so many tech tubers on this laptop, when it initially came out it had problems with maintaining clocks under load from thermals or power, driver situation was meh and mixed, windows 10 had its own issues sometimes introduced slow downs, and firmware was ehh and ths laptop in the year since launch has seen huge improvements, 10 hours of battery vs the 5-ish initially reported on, its much more capable of handling sustained loads without throttling as much if at all, because quieter and cooler while still being able to run just as fast if not faster..

  9. Hey, I'm looking to use an xps for gaming (total war games etc) and work but i like the utility of the 2 in 1, budget is £1600 what would you say my best bet is?

  10. Why dont you reviews other 2 in1 15 inch laptops in a smackdown. I wanna buy a 15inch 2 in 1 laptop but there are so many specifically for the same reason you use yours. I just need to make sure the ram can be upgrade with more memory.

  11. Actually the Kaby-Lake G processor share power between CPU and GPU BY DESIGN. When you gaming, you are using both CPU and GPU, the clockspeed get reduced due to power limit throttling.
    Slower in adobe premiere is due to the lack of CUDA acceleration because there is no Nvidia card onboard, in my opinion.

    Kaby-Lake G is actually a brilliant idea,absolutely make sense for a thin and light devices with limited cooling capacity. Vega GL/GH is heads and shoulds above the crappy intel Integrated graphic,even better than something like a MX150

    it's so disappointing that intel kind just discontinue the development of the chip.

  12. Haha – you missed the one big reason I chose a XPS 15 2 in 1 – the pen! The new Premium Active Pen is one of the best I've used – and for someone that does mock diagramming and meeting notes all the time – it's a godsend. I went with the Full HD panel – not so much for battery life, but because I have so many legacy apps at work that don't scale properly to 4K screens. It's been a great laptop so far. I highly recommend it – especially nice is you get a 15" screen in a 14" footprint.

  13. 1080p gets me more than 8 hours on the office so it's perfect for gaming, office use and more it's a really good dell xomputer

  14. can this laptop run batllfield 5 /watch dogs 2 / the crew 2 / assasin's creed odyssey / GTA V / fifa 18 or 19 / star wars battlefront 2 (2017)

  15. Was going to pick up the XPS 15 9560 cause it was on sale with 512 GB SSD but I missed it, This is on sale now but it only has 256 GB SSD. I want to edit video, use adobe creative cloud, play light games like minecraft and diablo, but I also plan on getting an external HD. Will the 256 suffice, or will the lack of SSD space really take a toll on performance?

  16. It's clear that Dell has so updates to work on (BIOS mainly), but it is a nice laptop although "13 function much better as 2 in 1 device.

  17. Nice trick with the webcam, hear a lot of people complaining about it but not offering any solutions. Thinking about buying this for my Daughter for her first year of high school.


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