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Should you buy an OLED Laptop? I’m testing the new Dell XPS 15 (7590) OLED and LED LCD models to find out which is the best display for Colour, Brightness, Reflections, Touch & More! 👉 Amazon US: | Amazon UK:

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  1. On the olde If you disable panel self refresh it will stop the flicker but will you end up with burn in?

  2. If I could see the colors the OLED can show with my 70% sRGB screen, there would be no point buying one. Also, as most of the content available is limited to the rather narrow sRGB range, the true power of an OLED will not become visible, when compared to an above average traditional screen, which should already cover close to 100% of sRGB. For DCI-P3, there is some difference, but if you could watch rec.2020 content, the difference would be enormous.

  3. I can never tell the difference between lcd or oled or 4k and 1080. 4k is an unnoticeable feature to raise up prices for something that is no better than 1080

  4. I want to buy a Razer Blade 15 with the 300 HZ screen but the OLED looks so much better than the matte IPS screen. I wonder if I could just peel away the antiglare coating off the Full HD screen of a Razer Blade?

  5. That banding issue on lcd can be fixed inside the intel graphics control panel inside color settings
    By changing color gamt from natural to vivid

  6. "15.6" 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) OLED InfinityEdge Anti-Reflective Non-Touch 100% DCI-P3 400-Nits display" Can it show HRD content?

  7. Hi Tom, I'm considering buying one of these two laptops at the moment and was interested in knowing almost a year on, have you experienced burn out on the OLED display?

  8. do you know if the IPS Panel is comptaible with HDR10 and Dolby Vision? or only the OLED panel? Thanks in advance

  9. Just an fyi for those considering OLED but concerned about lifespan, you can pick up a new OLED panel for this laptop for about $75 on-line when in stock should you have an issue.

  10. At the end of the day, your eyes will adjust and notice nothing any different after few minutes and percieve them normal.

  11. Hi, Tom. Thank you for your great review. The question is how are your eyes dealing with OLED? No irritation? OLED looks great, but I noticed my eyes become more tired from my OLED smartphone screen rather than from LCD on my laptop.

  12. btw panel refresh is to save your OLED from burn in! so switching it off solve one issue, but created another.

  13. This is a dream to see oled on laptops. I have oled tv, phone, tablet and this will complete the collection. Once you see oled's colour and black levels then there is no going back. Why can't apple release an oled macbook??

  14. So happy with the non-reflective OLED screen. I jump around between co-working spaces and coffee shops and my touchscreen XPS 15 was like a mirror if I sat next to a window. It was almost impossible to see what was actually on my screen. Soooo frustrating. I now have the OLED screen and I'm so happy with the non-reflective screen. It looks amazing and noooooo reflections now.

  15. I have OLED version and I've realized that my eyes are getting very tired and I have constant head aches – I know for sure because I'm switching on a daily basis between my regular notebook and this one. It looks like I'll give up using it unfortunately


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