January 14, 2021

Dell XPS 15 7590 REVIEW – The Perfect Laptop? (2019) | The Tech Chap

The new 2019 Dell XPS 15 7590 is here – and it packs in Intel 9th Gen CPUs, GTX 1650 graphics, faster Wi-Fi and an OLED screen! But with a 4 year old design and starting at £1500 – should you buy the XPS 15 7590? 👉 Amazon US: | Amazon UK:

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  • What laptop do you have right now? 🤔

    CORRECTION 1: Undervolting won't damage your laptop, but can cause BSODs and crashes. Generally -100mv is safe)

    CORRECTION 2: It was actually a crappy Killer WiFi chip on the 9570, I replaced it with a good Intel chip. My mistake! But the Killer chip here works well.

  • I bought the 7590 with touch 4k display, 16 gig RAM and 500gig SSD. The Killer Wifi card is HORRIBLE –every 20-30 minutes it drops. There is some decent coil whine (it doesn't REALLY bother me too much though), the battery lasts about 5 hours with the 4k model. I'd get the i7 and not the I9. The track pad/touch pad is really 'squirrely.' I have have to shutoff any gesture functions in the touchpad to make it usable. Dell techs have 'worked' with me on the wifi issues for about a week. I'm really itching to send the laptop back because I don't see a use in ME buying a new Intel wifi card for a new computer.

  • Could u recommend me some laptop for IT course like cs and softwares engineering. And maybe can gaming sometimes. and easier to bring along.

  • Dell XPS 15 7590 or ASUS TUF FX505GT-BQ028  which one to choose , dell is approx double the price but specifications are same for both…

  • Which should I go for OLED or 4k display. I want to buy it for using design software like Photoshop, illustrator, etc. Also I want to know which one has the longer battery life.

  • Any suggestions? I need some help choosing a laptop. I would like a laptop with a great battery life. I mainly use it for programming(college) , video & photo editing.

  • As an owner of the dell xps 15 9560 , without doubt I can say it's the worst purchase I have ever made . Within the first few months I experienced alot of problems and dell customer did not help at all !

  • hi. I bought the OLED screed one, and I have the flickering problem, but I can't seem to find the intel app that you opened, to disable it. could you tell me step by step how to do this, please? pc newbie here 😀

  • is there pc laptop out here, similiar or identical to this (good design, good screen, good hardware) with good cooling (it's clearly vent design fail)?

  • One week after purchasing my dell I started having issues, I called and they told me I should have purchased the overly priced warranty and I was SOL. One year later and my dell is trash. It wont even stay on longer than 2 min. I have $500 laptops from 2015 that are still going strong. Dont waste money on a dell!

  • For motion graphics and video editing is this laptop better than the Zen book pro duo? thanks a lot for the info great video!

  • Yes, when it loses the bezel 'chin' like the 13 2020, and gets the Tigerlake/nvidia rtx3000 series update. Miniled wouldn't hurt either with 120hz/144hz. They should also stop with the fake carbon, resize the trackpad, put in better speakers and release a 'space grey' version. Then it would be alot more attractive as a Mac/Razer contender. XPS is currently at the status of the HP Envy and that isnt not so bad, but its not so good either.

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