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Nobita scores a zero in his test, but the teacher motivates him to move on. Doraemon gives Nobita the soul-stirring microphone to pass on his message. Nobita sneezes in the mic and melts everyone’s hearts.

Doraemon is a robotic cat that comes from the 22nd century. He comes to 20th century and stays with Nobi Family. The Nobis love Doraemon very much. So Doraemon always help the Nobis with the devices from 22nd century.

Doraemon : “Doraemon” or simply Doraemon is the main, titular character of all Doraemon media (including, but not limited to the original manga, the anime (1973, 1979, and 2005), video games, and movies).

Nobita Nobi : (野比 のび太 Nobi Nobita), known simply as Noby in the English dub, is the protagonist of the Doraemon series. His birthday is on 7th August (Leo).

Shizuka Minamoto : (Minamoto Shizuka), or Sue in the English dub, (born 8th May) is one of the main characters in the series, being the main female character. In the future after marrying Nobita, she is also known as Shizuka Nobi or Mrs. Nobi.

Takeshi Gouda :(Japanese Kanji: 剛田 武, born June 15th), more commonly known by his nickname Gian (Japanese: ジャイアン, translation of the English term Giant), is one of the main characters in the Doraemon series. In the English dub, he is known as Big G.

Suneo Honekawa :(骨川スネ夫 Honekawa Suneo) (also known as Sneech in the English episodes) is a spoiled rich kid who likes to show off his cool stuff to his friends to make them jealous. 

Dorami :(born on December 2, 2114 with the name ドラミ) is the sister of Doraemon. She is yellow and has ears that resemble a large red bow. She happens to be about 2 years younger than Doraemon.

Hidetoshi Dekisugi : (出木杉 英才), (born April 15th)is one ofNobita’s classmates and a rival for Shizuka’s affection. His intelligence always gets him perfect scores on his tests, and he easily aced any sports he played

Jaiko Gouda : (known as Little G in the English dub) is the younger sister of Gian. Her first appearance was in the first chapter of the manga.

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