Excel If Formula – Nested If AND OR Functions


This excel video tutorial provides a basic introduction into the IF Formula. It explains how to use the if function when it’s nested with the AND function as well as the OR function.

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  1. Does this work with data validation? I’m trying to input in logical test quoted data from validated data, it doesn’t seem to work.

  2. how many condtions can a and statement have i hvae to copmare values in 5 columns and if even one of the mis zero state fail but it never does it

  3. Thank you so much for this viedo! I am currently in an analytics class and do not know these formulas that I have to do. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  4. Hi and thanks for posting the video. Does this only work with words i.e. YES / NO commands or can it be used to write numerical formulas?
    I'm trying to get a cell to either display £0.00 or work out an amount of money based on whether the value is above or below this amount (see formula below)


    basically if B41 is below A40 then the formula should display £0.00. But if B41 is >= A40 then take B41 and minus A40 and then calculate 9%
    if anyone can show mw what ive done wrong it would be much appreciated

  5. Learned significantly more from this 20 minute video than several 2 hour long lectures with my prof this semester. Thank you for the cram material!

  6. Probably the best video on AND/IF/OR statements on Excel – 20 minutes well spent, thank you for producing this video.

  7. Hi! your videos are extremely helpful. do you think you can make more videos on calculus 3 multivariable calculus. especially vector valued functions and vectors in the plane, space, and 3D. including finding the first derivative of vector valued functions and tangent vectors? Thank You!

  8. You’re prolific with your content man. What keeps you going at this pace? Thanks for putting it out.


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