Game Over – Trailer


If you were under the impression that Carrie LaChance doesn’t love video games and doesn’t spend hours on end playing her favorites then you’re sorely mistaken. Don’t let the hot dresses and sky high heels fool you, Carrie can game with the best of them especially when it comes to the old school Super Mario Brothers, a game she beat many times. Sure she’s glamorous but Carrie has always had a weakness for her game consoles. In this shoot, Carrie was captured in all her geeky glory, not sacrificing one bit of her sexiness of course. Wearing a dress by Black Milk that is designed to look like a Nintendo controller, Carrie is prepped for a long day of gaming on her laptop. Of course it might be a little hard to concentrate, given that Carrie is also wearing thigh high stockings and her new insanely sexy Christian Louboutin heels. But Carrie has her gaming survival kit with her including a Darth Vader mug, Beats headphones and Super Mario 3, one of her favorite video games of all time. Who doesn’t love that iconic and classic game? An afternoon with Carrie playing video games may be your dream come true but things are about to get even better gamers. As the evening wears on, Carrie slowly and sensually removes her dress, displaying her incredible topless body. Video games and a stunning topless babe, could it get any better than that? Carrie LaChance – Gallery #274



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