Google’s International Fonts Noto — One Font to Rule Them All (100 Days of Google Dev)


Noto is Google’s own font that aims to support all languages in the world. Now it has supported almost all major living languages. For most languages, eight styles are supported: {regular, bold} x {normal, italic} x {sans serif, serif}. It is used by Android and Chrome OS as the default system fonts and is also recommended by Google’s Material Design. What’s more important, Noto is open source and everyone can use it for free.

Using Noto is easy. If you are developing a mobile app, simply bundle the fonts with your app. If you are a website developer, use Noto fonts as Web Fonts. Many Noto fonts are available to use at Google Web Fonts Early Access. You can also host the fonts in your own server and specify them in web pages.

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  1. I wish Noto fonts would, in the near future, use more complex ligatures for use in alpha-syllabary scripts such as Devangari, Thai, and Baybayin. Also, I'd recommend making the font styles of other scripts more consistently geometric-ish like with the CJK scripts. Hoping for the best! ^^

  2. we are trying to use Noto San Thai in our app, but it caused a lot of issues, due to it lacks of Number and English Characters.

  3. As there is no information about how to add this to an android application without downloading 1gb of files I will not be researching this as a possibility any more and will just continue using whatever the default font setting are on whatever devices my users have. #lazydeveloeprandproud

  4. Please upload all these scripts to Google Fonts so we can use 'em with the Android Downloadable Fonts functionality, or become a font provider for Android Downloadable Fonts!

  5. I've noticed that the Noto fonts are based on the Droid fonts, in fact the serif glyphs are virtually identical for the basic Latin alphabet. So I guess these could be considered a replacement of the Droid fonts in order to extend their coverage?

  6. Interesting!  Some of the slides might be revised for better viewing as video – for example the Tofu example is not really easy to see.


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