peter quill dancing and distracting scene from guardians of the galaxy 2014 – HD 720p.

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Knowhere, the Celestial from James Gunn & Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy holds the missing Guardian of the Galaxy Easter Egg! It’s about Peter …

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  1. Some of the people in the comments said the same actress who played Captain America the first avenger and quills mom. Some said The first avenger fangirl was Quills grandma.
    Let me tell you this WHY QUILL SURVIVED IN last battle GOTG 1 AND 2? Many of you said it's because of his father. Now let me ask you this, EGO made out with multiple women to make a celestial, when that didn't happen he killed them all. Until he found quill. Why quill was the perfect celestial? Why Meredith was the perfect choice? Because she happens to be the biological daughter of the star spangled man who made out with her fangirl mother in the first Avenger in her 40s. In other words

    Quill is Cap's Grandson ( there is a crazy theory made by the cosmic wonder)

  2. it hurts that she put him on this pedestal and only talked good things about him when he went behind her back and implanted a tumor in her and sought to manipulate their own son….she deserved better

  3. Let’s not ignore the fact that Meredith Quill met Steve Rogers in the 1940s in a scene from Captain America (2011)

  4. This is just amazing. Looks so real. This just opens the door for so m any movies prequels. After seeing the disappointing Jeff bridges and then Patrick stewart and Ian Mckellan de aging in the Tron and X men this is just simply amazing. This looks so real. they need to make the prequel to the Pulp fiction that was planned so many years ago and never happened by de aging Sam L jackson and Travolta.

  5. For you younger types, that is how Missouri really used to look. In fact that is how America used to look in many places. Oh how I miss those days when you could get in your car, drive and see the country without any issues.

  6. The 2nd video of the ant made me question the possibility of putting the light with the electric inside a jar with salted water with tesla coil and shock them the beef burger and try to expose it to the sun in fresh air…. just thinking of the outcome of the quantum and the gravity and wisdom.


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