How to Draw 【Nobita’s/Suneo’s/Gian’s/Shizuka’s Mom】Mother’s Day Art 【哆啦a梦新番 New Doraemon】


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Mother’s Day is coming up! Today, we’re going to learn how to draw Nobita’s/Suneo’s/Gian’s/Shizuka’s Mom! You can learn step by step for easy to drawing.

Learn easy drawing anime characters for children beginner. Simple and easy to follow steps to draw your favourite cartoon character Doraemon

Hope you like this video:

Evolution Of Doraemon 哆啦A梦的进化[1969 – 2020]- How to draw Doraemon(Comic to Animation)

Draw Doraemon 3 minute (Step by step) -Easy Drawing for Children Beginners

How to Draw Nobita from Doraemon (easy step by step for kids) – Drawing for Children

How to Draw Shizuka From Doraemon Step by Step Easy (For Children / Beginner)

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