How to fix and set up Microphone or Headphones On Window 7/8/8.1/10


How to fix and set up Microphone or Headphones On Window 7/8/8.1/10

Download your pc/Laptop audio driver as per your pc/laptop configuration

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How to fix and set up Microphone or Headphones On Window 7/8/8.1/10


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  1. Please help krdo ple request mera ofc ka kam rukaha muje calling krnaha customer ke pas awj nhi jariha earphone se desktop ha cpu menlgarihu jab pr ariha awj kaise kru please please share insta id

  2. Vai 1help kardo me head phone plug kar raha hu pc me windows 8.1 hai to game ka sound aaraha hai but mic use nhi kar paa raha

  3. 2 things appear on my Windows 7….. First I go to
    Control panel<<Hardware and sound<<change system sounds<<Playback<<speakers(Realtek High Definition Audio… Not plugged in)<<Realtek Digital output(Realtek High Definition Audio… Defaut Device)
    Plzz explain how I put it in my earphone & it should start hearing to me????????????

  4. is there any other Links Because this One isn't working I did Download but didn't work from search browser

  5. bro if you want us to understand you please consider your language, because some of us can't understand what your talking about

  6. I use earphone as a mic in pc but the volume of my voice is too low I did it in sound devices to 100 but also low voice
    Tell me a fix

  7. Which application do i run… Atleast tell that… You just showed what to download and from where but not what application to run…

  8. Wow I'm lucky I know Hindi…

    sadjuhis jdsfhjkse dhjzd jzxmdjnkzxk fcsdh jfjkhd f jklsd fu hckds cfkjds fhusdnvjkandf kjd nfhjkdf cjkhxf bhkw4384rio


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