How to fix Headphones not working in Windows 10


How to fix Headphones not working in Windows 10

I am running the public release of Windows 10 on a Dell laptop that has the Realtek HD audio adapter and this is how I fixed getting the headphone jack to send audio to my external speaker system and to the so-so internal speakers of the laptop!

1. Right click on your sound icon
2. Click on Sounds
3. Go to Playback tab
4. Select your Speakers/Headphones
5. Click on Properties
6. You’ll see Controller Information and a button “Properties”,
click it.
7. Click on Change Settings (needs admin permission)
8. Go to the Driver tab
9. Select Update Driver…
10. Let it download automatically
11. Done! You can go check your headphone now. It should work, if not restart and check.

If above doesn’t fix your problem lets go to method 2.


1.Go to control panel, device manager, under Sound, Video and Game controllers, right click on High Definition Audio Device

2.Click update driver software, Select Browse my computer for driver software, then Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

3.Select High Definition Audio Device, click Next, Click yes to the warning.

It should work at this point. Restart your computer and check for headphone 🙂

If not than go to method 3.


If you have installed the Realtek software, open the Realtek HD Audio Manager , and check the “Disable front panel jack detection” option, under connector settings in the right side panel. The headphones and other audio devices work like a charm.

Although METHOD 2 works like charm, but i am sure these method will solve your headphone problems with windows 10.

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