How to fix Headphones not working with Windows 10 – Tutorial



Not sure if this works in previous versions of Windows, but it worked for me on Windows 10.

If you’re having issues with this, or if it works sometimes but not always, try restarting your computer.
You can also check the audio levels of the speaker by right clicking it in the playback devices and selecting “test”. If levels show up, that means that it’s technically working, but you’re not hearing any of it; so a restart would be in order.

You can also try selecting the properties of the “speakers/headphones” and then adjusting the levels of various settings in the “levels” tab to see if that helps.

Also, to correct myself in the video, speakers/headphones apparently can recognize the front jack.

This is my first tutorial, it’s nearly 2am and frankly I didn’t want to put any actual effort in editing the video. I spent a good amount of time looking for a solution, only to find the solution being really easy (for me at least). Check below for instructions and websites used.
That being said, here are the steps for my method:

1. Right click on sound settings and go to recording devices.

2. MAKE SURE YOUR HEADPHONES ARE PROPERLY PLUGGED IN. Select “Jack Mic”. Right click on the Jack Mic, and go to the Jack Mic’s properties and select the “listen” tab.

3. In the “listen” tab click on “Playback through this device” and select “Speakers/headphones”.

4. Try checking to see if you are getting audio. If you are, GREAT! If not, refer to step 5 and 6.

5. Right click on the “speakers/headphones” and click “test”. If there are green levels, that means that the system is technically playing sound in your headphones, but you’re not getting any sound.

6. Restart your computer and see if any changes have taken place. Check to see if you’re receiving sound. If not, you may need to repeat steps 1-4.
[Side note: Apologies for repeating myself. I just wanted to get the message across in 2 different ways.]

Ok if those steps don’t work, try re-watching the video and/or re-reading my instructions. Be sure to try the methods, websites and videos listed below.

Other possible fixes:
-Update and/or change your drivers. This is the most common solution I found online.
– Try initializing the BIOS (press f10 or f2 while computer is restarting) and then try enabling audio and integrated devices.
– Try to adjust sound settings in the “Control panel” then “personalization” then “sound and hardware”. Try messing with the sound settings on the various options. Also see if you can launch Realtek audio from there, and check if the jack options are working. If you can’t, try adding/updating a driver.

Websites used:

This next site referenced the last two links, but OP gave out some ideas:

Other video tutorials on this subject:

Ok thanks for reading this far. You’re probably pretty cool. If you got any questions, you’re more than welcome to shoot me a comment.

Thanks and take care.


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