HP Elitebook 2540p Overview


I found this awesome little machine on Ebay earlier this month and just got it in the mail about a two weeks ago, then I had to wait another week for my SSD to show up. So far, i am in absolute love with this little HP! Definitely hands down the best laptop I have ever owned. This was one of the top of the top of the line notebooks back when it was released around 2010, and it still holds its performance and power today, 5 years later! I think this also goes to show how much better built business class machines are built compared to consumer class machines, this laptop has virtually no wear at all on the keyboard, but it has a few scratches on the lid, but its no big deal to me at least. My last laptop i had was a HP I bought brand new in March of 2014. It was a nice consumer level laptop, but it was one of the “lovely” glossy black laptops that revealed every single little finger print and scratch the laptop had. Even though it was a good performer, it just was too big for me to carry around, and it just looked plain tacky after using for only 6 months. So I ended up selling that machine on Craigslist, and I haven’t had a decent laptop since, but i think this little Elitebook is going to stick around for a long time…

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