Kakashi Gets Two Sharingans & Uses Susano for the First Time


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  1. i dont understand why kakashi unlock the susanu..i thought only eternal mangekyu sharingun can unlock the perfect susanu

  2. Best char ever and strongest one, he lost his family, his team, his sensei, he trained the strongest shinobies ever and he can copy and remember all jutsus he know them, he survived 3 generations of shinobies what more

  3. he got perfect susanoo with only mangekyou and not eternal which is epic and shows you how much obito mangekyou is so strong even after all the time he uses it

  4. So Madara Uchiha, one of the most gifted shinobi to ever live fights and trains his whole life to attain the perfect Susanoo and Kakashi has two Sharingan for all of two seconds and he gets it? Kiss my ass and get tf outta here with this bull😒

  5. Imagine if Kakashi’s “perfect susanoo” and Naruto’s “Ashura 3 headed Kurama mode” combined like how sasuke and naruto combined theirs

  6. As much as I liked Naruto the anime, from this point on it seemed as if Kishimoto was just trying to rush things to an end. I mean wow, Kakashi can miraculously obtain another sharingan based on some soul to soul transfer, like what? And then Naruto and Sasuke miraculously met the Rikudo Senin out of nowhere or they probably were never gonna beat Kaguya.

    And I felt the only reason why Kaguya appeared was for the sake of giving Rikudo Senin some quick screen time before the anime concluded.

    Could have been better really, but felt that overall it was really rushed work.

  7. Madera n sage of 6 paths has the exact same Susano n I think Kakashi is the same also. Madra n Kashi is different but 1 of them is the exact same as sage of 6 paths. I can't completely tell. I think its Madera honestly

  8. Friendly reminder that Kakashi's Japanese VA is Kars from JoJo.

    Behold the Ultimate Lifeform!

    Also Jerrid from Zeta, to contrast Kaguya Kycilia from 0079.

  9. I never understood why he had to lose his sharingan that’s what made him the copy ninja
    I thought it was dumb that he didn’t have it anymore

  10. Shows how impossible it would be to defeat Obito if he had both his eyes while he was battling Kakashi, Guy and Naruto all together. There would be no way of knowing who was behind the Tobi mask and just like that Obito would finally succeed with his plan without talk-no jutsu intervention from Naruto.

  11. I Wish Obito Completely Gave His Two Mangekyō Sharingan To Kakashi . Kakashi Would Have Been One Of The Top 5 Hokage And Didn't Lose Face To Naruto And Sasuke .

    Too Bad Obito Just Lend Some Strength To Kakashi To Show Naruto And Sasuke That He Is Still The Same Sensei That Used To Be More Stronger Even The Both Of Them Combined

  12. Why did people call this an asspull and yet they were happy when Sasuke could do susanoo because Itachi touched him on the forehead?

  13. I dont think it's a plot hole why kakashi didnt go blind from Using mangekyo because he considered obito a brother and that meets the requirements to have an eternal mangekyo sharingan

  14. Why did kakashi lose both sharingans? Danzou had dozens of dead uchihas' sharingans and was able to utilize them all.

  15. I dont think i remember obito using susanoo, does he even have one because if he did not kakashi wouldnt have a susanoo


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