Lep's World 2 – Part 8 – Castle


Lep is now marching to the castle! Welcome to the 8th area of Lep’s World 2 called Castle. Is this really the place that he is searching for or just a diversion? Join Lep’s adventures and find out.

Area 8 – 1

Lep is yet to find the castle. Run across the field and find the pots of gold scattered but hence, easy to find as they aren’t really hidden at all. Just be careful at the bridges above the lava as fire balls jump in and out of the lava.

Area 8 – 2

It got cold and snowy all of a sudden. Well, start by jumping above the blue blocks at the start to find a portal, it will lead to the first pot of gold. The second pot in on a short fall after a short climb not far from the start. The third will be quite a distance after the checkpoint located in the middle of tree stumps with bugs. All the hazards Lep experienced in the past stages are here so be careful.

Area 8 – 3

Now inside a cave, full of bugs and bees. Finding the first pot will be a piece of cake as it just sat there after you climb some steps not far from the start. The second will be a little hidden as it is found shortly before you find the checkpoint. It is accessed by a weak wooden platform. The third is found after the checkpoint halfway of the path with large bees and sudden wasps.

Area 8 – 4

Inside a castle once more and lava filled the gaps between the platforms. Finding the second and third pot will be easy but the first pot of gold requires some exploring. The first pot is located exactly above the starting rainbow. It can be accessed by following the path forward but after getting to the top floor, go to the left a little. The second pot would need two bullets to be safely collected. The third is a short fall down at the end of the stage.

Area 8 – 5
Enter the hot sandy desert in this stage. The pots of gold are quite easy to find here. The first is on the platform above at the very start of the stage. The next pot will be under the wooden bridges but to get it, travel through the portals straight until it leads to the pot. The third is in a cave with blue snail quite a distance from the multiple rope swing area.

Area 8 – 6

Now, the place is a dark forest with gun wielding goblins and insects everywhere. Be careful with the large number of enemies here. For the pots of gold, the first and second pots are almost found side by side if not for the large patch of dirt separating the pots. Bot pots are located at the end of a row of tree stumps with bugs. The third pot is just before the checkpoint, just jump down to find it.

Area 8 – 7

It is the underwater part of the area. Be careful with fishes and jellyfishes swimming back and forth everywhere. As for the pots of gold, the first can be seen at the start of the stage next to the first jellyfish that can be seen. The second will be found on the way mid-stage guarded by a fish. The third is found after the checkpoint. There is a tunnel below with gaps full of coins above, the last gap will lead to the third pot of gold.

Area 8 – 8

Finally, inside the castle which looked like some sort of large workshop than a castle. The stage goes upwards so be careful at jumping here and there and avoid falling down. Finding the pots of gold in this stage require a little exploration. The first one can be found after jumping of the set of blue moving platforms, instead of jumping to the right go to the left and jump over a set of weak wooden platforms, the pot is found in the end. The other two pots are in the same area but a little confusing to look around. That area is where two bees can be seen and the path branches in all directions. Search the upper right and the tunnel below the bees to find the remaining pots.

BOSS – the Evil Wizard

Lep finally found the evil wizard and it is their final showdown. The wizard with bizarrely annoying smile will shoot Lep with bolts of electricity and will start flying after its life is halved. Try to avoid the bolts of electricity while shooting bullets at the evil wizard to defeat him. Once the evil wizard is no more, lep would finally save his kin from the hands of the evil wizard.

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  1. у меня была такая игра я с трудом прошла этот уровень с волшебником а так всё остальное я прошла, а щас у меня лепс ворлд 1

  2. я все прохожу по не многу , но мне самое трудно прыгать по этим кружкам которые держут расстояния …постоянно на них торможу …

  3. Я только сейчас начал в нее играть! Посмотрите что я делаю не так?


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