Lets Play Resident Evil-6 || Co-op Part-1 ||


Patch Notes:

Party Royale. All chill, no sweat.

Party Royale is a new experimental and evolving space. Leave your weapons and mats behind. We plan to run some tests here this Friday @ 9pm EST. These are subject to change, but feel free to come by and check it out.

The party’s just getting started.

Operation: Payload

A new spy mode debuts in this build. Use your current spy tech, as well as new tech in this release, to defend/escort the payload against the other team which tries to stop you — then switch sides. The mode takes you to different parts of the island, check it out and have fun. We’d also like any feedback you have on the spy tech this season and the progression system.

Heavy Sniper Damage

Ghost Agents have tampered with Heavy Snipers to retune their effectiveness.

Adjusting Aim Assist

This build includes an AA change which makes 240hz AA act like 60hz AA, which does impact target acquisition. Investigations and tests are ongoing regarding aim assist, and your feedback is appreciated.

See you on the Island!

▶️About me :
My name is Naveen aka cool_chan
I’m not a kid, so I don’t guarantee the stream to be a Family-Friendly but I would try to run it in a chill mood. ​If you love my content, feel free to interact/connect in the chat,
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▶️Chat Rules
❌ Be kind
❌ Respect everyone
❌ Listen to the moderation team
❌ No bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia or other hate-based chat
❌ Don’t spam words or use all-caps
❌ No spoilers to a game, TV show or film
❌ Don’t argue with people over chat — especially the moderators
❌ Use the language spoken by the broadcaster (Tamil and English only)
❌ No advertising or self-promotion
❌ Do not compare or talk about other streamers

▶️Game Info(PC Games only) :
✅ Steam : cool_chan
✅ Epic PC : GR_cool_chan
✅ Origin ID : cool_chan_YT

✅ Cool Chan Gaming :
✅ Ghozt Reapers CLAN :

▶️Laptop Specification:
🎮 CPU: Intel I5 – 8th gen processor
🎮 GPU: Nvidia 1050ti-4GB
🎮 RAM: 8GB
🎮 Memory: 128GB SSD & 1TB HDD
🎮 Mouse: Logitech G102
🎮 Keyboard: RedGear Blaze
🎮 Headphones: RedGear Cosmos 7.1

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❤️ GPay: naveesri008-1@okhdfcbank
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