Macbook Pro 15 (2017) vs Dell XPS 15 (9560) – Best Laptop? | The Tech Chap


The Macbook Pro 15 (mid 2017) and Dell XPS 15 (9560) go Head-to-Head – What’s the best laptop in 2017? US: | UK:
MBP 15:

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  1. hinge tension has nothing to do with a build quality. The stiffer hinges on the xps are better imo as the screen doesn't wobble when you touch it unlike shitty macbooks which dont even have a touchscreen

  2. I’m quite rich, I’d prefer the Mac for plenty of reasons, most importantly because it’s my fucking choice 🤷‍♂️

  3. talks about the fact that dell has better ports. *2 years later*. Dell xps 13 comes out with the same io config

  4. Mac never impressed me and always very expensive for no reason, the os is just horrible.. not gonna use it ever

  5. There is so much I love about macbook pro. But I just hate two things: 1) can't easily upgrade/replace components, 2) price is almost always at least DOUBLE that of a PC alternative.

    I love being able to unscrew the bottom of a PC notebook and easily replace battery, ram, hard drive, wifi card, etc. And I can buy a refurbished PC notebook for under $300 USD where as even if I buy a used macbook pro to get the same specs as the used PC it's still $1000+ MORE. Insane! But I must admit the feel of the macbook I used to have from my work was awesome, and the battery NEVER died. I worked there for about 8 months and my battery NEVER died. I would take it from place to place all the time and I only plugged it in when I was sitting at my desk.. Other people in my workplace wouldn't even bring in their chargers and they would complete their whole 8-12 hour shift without their battery dying. A few times I left my charger at home and came into work with less than 75% battery life and still had 20-30% when my shift ended 8 hours later. Obviously depends on what you do with it…but damn it felt good to never think about battery life.

  6. It’s like comparing Toyota to Mercedes – Benz. Its either the best or Nothing!

    Apple for the win 😍❤️

  7. Bear in mind that there might be people with visual impairments that may benefit from having a higher resolution (4k on a 15.6") as they zoom into the UI elements or use the scaling features

  8. 4k screen does make a difference. I am using xps13 n if u use 4k setting, the words are clear n sharp. Even clearer than ur phone

  9. 4k screen does make a difference. I am using xps13 n if u use 4k setting, the words are clear n sharp. Even clearer than ur phone

  10. when will people realize that MacBooks are overpriced you're paying $1,000 for a laptop and another thousand for the logo

  11. I own both laptops and they're equally great. As a matter of fact, I bought the Dell XPS 15 because I consider it to be the Macbook Pro version of the Windows world. Plus, you know… carbon fiber!


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