Microphone not Working on New Headset? You might need this!


Get the UGREEN 3.5mm Audio to USB adapter here:

If you bought a new headset and the microphone doesn’t work when plugged into your laptop, you might need to order an adapter. There are other solutions, which are free, that you should try first, like making sure the device drivers on your headset are installed correctly, making sure the microphone is configured correctly for the application you are using it for, or simply making sure the microphone isn’t muted. In this video, I am assuming that you already tried those solutions, so buying the adapter should be a last resort unless you know that is the issue.

If you get this adapter and it doesn’t work, and none of the other solutions worked, then you should see about getting your headset returned or replaced.

If you have questions on anything I might have left out of this review, please let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to provide more details about my experience with this product.

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