Microsoft Launcher Review! [Android App]


Did you know Microsoft has its own launcher on Android? Upon trying the Microsoft Launcher on my Galaxy Note 8, I am pretty impressed with the launcher.  Here’s my quick review of the Microsoft Launcher.

Grab the launcher of the Play Store here:

See my full written review here:

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  1. This wasn't much of a review… you just pinned out some stuff… personally i think its one of the best launchers out right now!

  2. Microsoft is a sneaky bastard this isn't a launcher it's an OS they killed windows os and incorporated it here.. Just wait.

  3. The gestures are really well made, so useful just double tapping to open snapchat. Everyone should download this launcher.

  4. Hey, good review. I have used this launcher for 2 years and I came from Windows phones. I'm using it on my note 10 plus as I still prefer it over Nova and stock launcher. Cheers

  5. I been a beta nova launcher user for a few years now…seen your upload so i downloaded the windows launcher… "love it" … much better then the getting so old nova launcher.. Thanks for the uplaod 😊👍

  6. Swipe down to search phone , swipe up for apps . Clean animation. You can make the UI transparent or solid . You can change icon packs . Even adding a page gives you the option to set a full page widget showing phone usage . I would recommend trying it.

  7. You didn't show how to revert back to your original launcher. I have a Samsung S8+ with One UI and after changing to Microsoft Launcher, I didn't know how to change back to One UI. I had to uninstall the whole app from the Store. Is there a way to switch between the launchers? Why is Microsoft making it so difficult to go back to your original launcher?

  8. "high performance i just leave it on, iguess that gives you slightly more visual fx and stuff" you really have no idea what you are talking about right?

  9. зачем вам столько телефонов вам видно деньги некуда девать подарите их нуждающимся а не копите как жадина!!!!

  10. I like Nova the best for customization. But Microsoft launcher's integration with PC is just too good to say no. It's great and very aesthetic.


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