Most Versatile Windows Laptop – Dell XPS 15


After searching around for many years for a suitable laptop for me, I finally came across the Dell XPS 15. A wonderful blend of power, portability and a selection of other fantastic features all in one package 🙂

I have very few complaints for this laptop overall, I realize I didn’t really mention many in the video which is surprising.

I didn’t go into tremendous detail on the laptop but I will a bit more here. I have been very obsessed over the years with finding the right laptop.

Speakers: great for laptop (IMO)

Fan noise: more then reasonable

Temperatures: fine if you prop it up while doing intense things

Power: excellent for my needs

Battery life: outstanding

Screen: Bright, color accurate, super

Build quality: Top of the line (for Windows)

Price: Perfecto, and even better if you find it on sale like me with discount codes!

Portability: I have no problem taking it with me daily for classes, or just in general. I personally almost always have my laptop with me so this is very important. Power brick isn’t too big/heavy also.

Very happy with it as a whole and look forward to using it to get lots and lots of work done!

Dell XPS 15 9570

i7 8750H
GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
1080p IPS Matte Display

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