New Computer NEEDS a new Desk! VLOG #34


I bought this cheap desk that i’ve been using, probably 10 years ago now. It wasn’t really a computer desk but it matched our furniture at the time, and it was the biggest one I could afford at the time. Its beyond time to replace it, I WAS waiting until I got my game room finished upstairs, but because of the CV holding things up (Can’t rent the tools I need), everything is still downstairs.

I just bought that new gaming computer, which is awesome by the way, but I needed a better desk to actually support two computers, screens, keyboards, etc. Plus, our computer chair NEVER fit under the old one, it was so frustrating.

Cheap temporary upgrade, and it made me have to move some furniture around downstairs. This vlog is 2 or 3 days old, and I still haven’t moved that damn chandelier. You bet your ass i’ve hit my head on it 30 more times though.

I did end up splitting this vlog in half, not like a “YOU HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE” type thing, but just because it ended up being an hour long. I personally feel like thats a bit too long for a regular vlog but let me know in the comments what you guys think.



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