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The new Nokia just announced a custom launcher for Android with an intelligent homescreen and sketch input — and we’re taking it for a spin on an LG G3! Join us for our first Z Launcher hands-on.

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Nokia Z Launcher Hands-On & First Impressions | Pocketnow



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  1. It's 2019 and I'm still using the Z Launcher. Even though Nokia stopped support and gone from the play store, it's still my favorite launcher…

  2. I love Nokia hardware but not software (z Launcher). Forget that shit and go with Nova and install Umbra icon pack.

  3. How annoying can it be. After supporting Nokia all these years they choose to select who can test their Beta Z Launcher. Looks like leaving out countries from this beta test is racists behaviour. Shame on you Nokia.

  4. Did you Pocketnow guy's ever do an update on your "thoughts" on this launcher?? I love it. Works great on my Alcatel Idol 3.

  5. This seriously helped me so much. I have never been faster on my note 3. Probably won't change in a while. Try it out.

  6. Nokia is coming back after its downfall with its mobile devices. Nokia N1 is their first product. I can't wait to see someone using it and commenting on its performance.

  7. After using WP8, I just cant get myself to use android. It seems so old fashioned with the wall of icons. The most un-intuitive OS right now.

  8. i'm a hardcore Xperia fan, but i can assure you that i can't deny that nokia does really know how to appeal my eyes ever since the era of WP

  9. Now wait a min! Nokia is definitely trying something fishy here! They're trying to learn from android what users like and mostly Tom implement the same on WP later on so that android users feel at home when they switch to Lumia? I like that idea… Waiting for a Lumia device with droid like features…don mind If it's WP. Android+Crapsung is not anymore interesting.

  10. Excellent launcher and I've a rooted device
    The heroes over there who can't use this on a rooted device
    Please go and use any basic java mobile


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