Porsche Made a LAPTOP?? – Book One Review


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The Porsche Design Book One Laptop could be the closest thing to Macbook Pro build quality on a Windows machine. Or it’s a waste, LOL

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  1. I'm glad it doesn't have beefier specs, because I would have had to reach deep into my near empty pocket book to buy one or spend my days coveting one. At least now I can say it has a beautiful design, bit it's "not for me".

  2. Watching this as both a Porsche guy and a tech guy, I just can’t get over how he mispronounced Porsche every single time 😂😂😂

  3. Tbh I just don’t like it because they didn’t put the Porsche logo/badge on the front
    Such a missed opportunity to flex

  4. Porsches are hoping that their branding would be a selling point on a laptop. But to many people this is a great device they would never use because having "Porsche" stamped all over your laptop makes you look like a douche.

  5. I'd rather have a cheaper PC that looks like a Prius but has Ferrari performance than one that looks like a Ferrari with Prius performance.

  6. Hi comments section!
    I found a listing on eBay that sells this same laptop and specs for 999$ (apple pro stand money) do you guys think that this laptop is worth buying for a grand if not do you have any recommendations under 1k for a convertible as I'm in look for one. Thx to anybody who have read this comment

  7. Honestly yeah, as an electrical engineer and a linux guy, I value good, comfortable design in a laptop. It's so difficult nowadays to find any laptop that feels like it's had work put into the design. I use one of the newer thinkpads, the T480, and I love the sturdy feel, great keyboard, nipple mouse, trackpad, dual-battery system, and thunderbolt support, as well as the integrated graphics, even though I rarely use them. I don't like the screen. I have the 1920×1080 matte screen, and while I don't mind the resolution, the colors don't look great and the backlight isn't bright enough for outdoor settings. The speakers are garbage, and I can't even watch youtube videos with the volume turned up because the audio is so distorted. The laptop is a bit tricky to take apart, which is unfortunate but par for the course nowadays. I love that it's upgradeable, and I think that's almost a requirement for me.

    While I like to have a graphics card for the occasional game or CAD-style program, Intel's 8th-gen integrated graphics are perfectly fine, even on the 15W i7-8650U. I'd be fine with a nice, business/mobile 2-in-1 not having a graphics card if it has a decent integrated one, and I think that option has been overlooked recently. We have so much power from massive 2080 Ti's at the consumer level that we don't realize how little gpu power is required for lighter- weight games and productivity/design software.

  8. I would have considered it over Microsoft surface if had a 1050 or above graphic card

    Can I hook up an external graphic card to this using thunderbolt? Like a rtx 2080 or something


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