Razer Blade 15 vs Dell XPS 15 9570


What we have alll been waiting for Razer Blade 15 VS Dell XPS 9570
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  1. Nvidia GPU's require more power that is why you get less performance if you are not plugged in. The battery just can not keep up.

  2. hey Sarah, any chance to do a 2020 version of this video with the 2019 & 2020 models of Razer? thumbs if you wanna see it!

  3. I still cant decide on which to get……the razor is pulling me to it for gaming, but the XPS seems better for 4k video editing/Graphic design and music production?!?!?!

  4. I think Razer has similar spec as m15… what do you think about m15 r2 vs rb 15? XPS has the best value for video editing ?

  5. About a year later, and I am watching this video. I'm doing research for the replacement of my almost 6 year old Dell machine. I am not a gamer, looking for a machine for light-ish photography use, some video editing, and mostly music mixing and of course general mobile computing. Having USB-A and SD card slots are a biggie for me. Decent battery life is a plus, and you mentioned a couple other things in your XPS videos that have me liking this machine. You mentioned the trackpad being good, and I've seen videos where people are commending the keyboard on the Dell XPS 15.
    Your videos, among others, have really helped me decide that the XPS 15 is going to be my next machine. I'm looking at one now, from B&H, for $1899, it's the i7, 16GB RAM, 512 SSD, with the 1080 IPS screen. Any additional input you could provide would be most welcomed. Thanks for the videos, hope the year since posting this video has been a good one, and wish you the best in the coming year as well. Cheers

  6. I don't love the price tag on the Razer, but I'm a music creator/sound tech who plays games and is working on getting a YouTube project going. I've gotta say that TB3 port is a MIGHTY attractive option for keeping current with audio interface technology, as I'm looking to upgrade. I'm currently using a 2012 13" Macbook Pro and a UAD Apollo Twin which runs on TB2 and I don't think I could go back to recording over USB after hearing such a massive difference.

    Great video, wasn't too talky at all, no need to apologize! I'm super willing to sit and listen if someone has clearly put as much research and effort into an informational video as you have.

  7. would you give me one advice. i browse about 20 tabs in chrome, simultaneously opening mozilla, internet explorer and simultaneously running 4-5software? my old laptop can handle @t freezes and is slow in performance. which model laptop will be suitable for me? i mean which laptop can handle multitaksing smoothly and has high speed performance. i dont care cost. i need fast and smooth runnning laptop


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