Regal Gold Text Effect in Photoshop (Layer Styles Trickery)


Used improperly, layer styles can make your text look amateur and gimmicky, but if you take your time and refine your settings, you can create professional looking, 3D text quickly and easily.

This video will teach you how to create a regal gold text effect in Photoshop using Layer Styles.



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  1. No bullshit, straight to the point, easy to understand and PSD files provided for those who want to dissect them and understand more
    Sir, you earned an instant subscriber and you deserve a lot more

  2. Great video. Learned a lot. Saving the effect for later use is very useful, learned how to do that too. Thanks a lot!

  3. Great Video! I do have a question, I am getting some horizontal lines on the letters as I enlarge them, do you know why?

  4. When I get to layer Styles and select Bevel and Emboss I don't get the same amount of Setting as you are getting – Technique, Direction Altitude etc

  5. What is the procedure of working, when we are just making an effect with the text, without having a background?

  6. Thanks for the tutorial. Clearly explained.
    Also, can you do text tutorials on reusable text effects using smart object so we can make psd text templates ourselves and can change text without having to redo all the steps all over again.
    You see the New Layer Style that you made, is that always saved in the panel and can it be reused on any text?
    Kind regards

  7. Sorry, one other little thing. The links below both take you to the sign up page. I have already registered as a member, how do I get to assets?

  8. Been waiting for your comeback. Great vid. One small ask. If poss, can you also tell why you are changing some of the settings as well as showing what settings you are using? Looking forward to seeing all your new vids.


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