The Best Android Launcher of 2019?


Welcome to my Best Android Home Launchers of 2019:

(0:00) Shade Launcher:
(0:19) AP15 Launcher:
(0:31) Blackberry Launcher:
(0:46) LessPhone:
(1:02) AIO Launcher:
(1:18) Flick Launcher:
(1:39) Lightning Launcher:
(2:06) Solo Launcher:
(2:24) Mint Launcher:
(2:40) Apex Launcher:
(2:57) Poco Launcher:
(3:12) Total Launcher:
(3:32) Yandex Launcher:
(3:56) Niagara Launcher:
(4:12) Lawnchair:
(4:29) ADW Launcher 2:
(4:53) KLWP:
(5:17) Microsoft Launcher:
(5:39) Hyperion Launcher:
(5:53) Smart Launcher 5:
(6:19) ASAP Launcher:
(6:42) Evie Launcher:
(6:57) CPL:
(7:16) Action Launcher: Pixel Edition:
(7:37) Nova Launcher:

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  1. I prefer using SmartLauncher over Nova Launcher. Sure Nova is very customizable, but I just like something that is easy to use and simple.

  2. Im looking for a launcher that allows you to swipe apps right or left like on samsung instead of up and down like in OxygenOS. What would you recommend?

  3. Redmi launcher 2 is a good choice.

    Drawer has automatic categories, search and scrollable with alphabet.
    Completely free (and no ads) with a dark mode built in (Even for older systems)

  4. No "KISS Launcher" ? Come on man…

    After installing this launcher, I've not been able to move to ANY other launcher for quite some time. It's so convenient, and takes less than 1MB *after installation* (APK is even smaller). It's simple, easy to use, customizable (but not too much). Please feature it in a 2020 video.

  5. Hey Erin. Speaking about 3d launcher. I want you to make a review or check out TSF launcher. I've used it on LG looks stunning


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