Top 7 Best 2 in 1 Laptops for Graphic Design


What is the best 2 in 1 laptop for graphic design? When it comes to graphic design and laptops there is a myriad of options to choose from for your specific needs. ► Check pricing and specs of these laptops below!

► Lenovo Yoga 730 2 in 1 15in –

► Dell Inspiron 5000 2 in 1 15in –

► Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5 2 in 1 15in –

► Microsoft Surface Pro 6 –
OR the Surface Pro 7 –

► Microsoft Surface Book 2 –

► HP Spectre x360 15in –

► Dell XPS 15 2 in 1 15in –

A 2 in 1 laptop is one of those options for graphic designers that focus highly on illustration, logo design, and sketching out ideas for their designs. Low and behold there is not one option for a great 2 in 1 laptop, that would be the way to easy. There are many options to choose from. So I took some time to sit down and develop my checklist for the best 2 in 1 laptop for graphic design in order to help you pick the best laptop for your needs.

1 Usefulness

The first thing you want to consider is do you really need a 2 in 1 laptop? How often will you REALLY use the 2 in 1 feature? Are you someone that likes to use touch screen devices or is it a novel idea to you and you want to give it a shot.

I am one of those people that get really excited about a new piece of technology, or app that will totally unlock the extraordinary designer inside of me that was just waiting for this piece of technology to release that designer.

I use the new-fancy device for a few weeks and then the flashy-ness wears off and I am back to my normal routine. So, I will ask again. Do you really need a 2 in 1 laptop?

Are you someone who is constantly sketching out ideas on your device, then email or air dropping those sketches to your computer and you want to save time and do all of your sketching right on your main laptop/device? Them the 2 in 1 laptop may be for you.

Are you an illustrator, digital painter, or photo editor and you want to have touch screen capabilities with the option to fold away or detach your screen?

Then the 2 in 1 may be the right buy for you.

2 Performance

Next, let’s consider the performance you need. If you are only going to be using your computer for the basic graphic design tasks like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign then a basic/affordable 2 in 1 laptop would suit you well.

That would be something along the lines of an i5 or an entry level i7 processor, 8 – 16GB of RAM and an integrated GPU. Nothing fancy, but enough power to run your daily tasks.

But, if you are a design that is going to need to do some heavy lifting – advanced photoshop work, motion design, and video editing (on top of the normal day to day graphic design tasks) – then you are going to need to look at getting a 2 in 1 with higher performance capability.

I’m talking about no less than an i7 processor, 16 – 32 GB of RAM, a dedicated GPU like the NVIDIA GTX 1050 or AMD RX Vega, and a Fast SSD.

With these specs, you will be equipped to run both illustration, logo sketches, or digital painting, along with some motion design and video editing.

I will discuss the models I think best suit each individuals needs in a little bit.

3 Usability

Usability is another essential aspect of purchasing a computer for your design needs. When it comes to 2 in 1 laptop the portability is unbeatable. These laptops are historically lightweight, thin, and durable.

They are great on the go machines and perfect for any student, freelancer, or individual running from meeting to meeting.

Now, one thing that I never want anyone to overlook is how they will be interacting with the ports on their machine. I use basically all of my ports all of the time with my Dell XPS 15. In fact, I run out of ports. So I want to make sure you are considering your day to day operations.

Do you need an SD card slot to bring in pictures, USB ports for external drives and USB drives, an HDMI or DisplayPort when you are at your workstation to have dual monitors, or perhaps a USB-C port for faster connectivity.

Think think think about your day to day life and what you may need, then cross-reference the machines I am recommending and see which one fits into your lifestyle.

I hope you have found this helpful, and I look forward to having you on the next video or post!


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  1. Is it safe to buy a laptop from amazon? What’s the return policy? And is there a warranty? What if it comes damaged or is missing an accessory ?

  2. Really helpful! I’m a new college student, so I’ll be upgrading to be able to take my art setup to class (my old computer wasn’t portable), so I thought that it’d be better to buy a two in one laptop, rather than a laptop and a drawing tablet.

  3. I'm considering Lenovo Yoga with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, Core i5-8265U and 16 GB of RAM. I doubt whether it is powered enough for me or not, but it costs around 1300$ on sale in my country (which is already A LOT for me) while other suitable options are way too expensive…
    Anyway, I find your videos the most helpful! Thank you!

  4. I want to go to college next year to study animations. I want to start practicing digital art rn to prepare. I want a laptop that's suitable for college and the stuff i need.. can you help ?

  5. What do you think of the Lenovo c340?
    I know, its not the best, but i really just started of with drawing and its very cheap

  6. Hey
    Acer nitro 5 vs acer predator helios 300
    Which one is good for animation,graphic designing and editing purposes

  7. This video was super helpful thank you!….. Okay I'm not sure what exactly I am going to do in art exactly but I know that I will be in a creative field….. So I was thinking of buying a 2 in 1 now and maybe buy a Wacom a year later if I need it…. So will the 2 in 1 support a Wacom and which model would be better? Hopefully under a 1000 dollars would be good

  8. Very helpful video thank you, but it’d be great if you were to show a picture of the products so we can have an idea what they look like.

  9. Sorry I'm one year late here but could you help me? Ive got one 2-in 1 laptops. Just don't got a pen for that yet. But it seems like no surface pen can work on drawing programs (except for Photoshop). What do I do?

  10. TOUCH IS THE BEST! I use Touchscreen Laptops for years and they are AMAZING, I use Photoshop, Word, browse the web and manage files with the touch of the fingers and works PERFECT and much faster then using the touchpad or even the mouse because I just point the words, elements on screen and drag them to the point I need much faster and more precise. For editing texts, move images on Photoshop, selecting menus, manage files on windows and navigating, TOUCH SCREENS ARE THE BEST!!!

  11. Hi! Which one would you recommend for a designer using Adobe collection, illustration softwares and moreover planning to start basic video editing.

    1. HP Pavilion x360 14-dh1004nx 2-in-1 Laptop – Convertible Folder, Intel Core i7-10510U, 14", 256 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD/1 TB HDD, 16 GB RAM, Windows 10

    2. HP ENVY x360 15-dr1003nx 2-in-1 Laptop – Convertible Folder, Intel Core i5-10210U, 15.6", 256 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM, Windows 10

    3. Dell Inspiron 14 5491 2-in-1 Laptop – Convertible Folder, Intel Core i7-10510U, 14", 512 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD, 16 GB RAM, Windows 10

  12. Hi ben G, im in love with surface pro 6 but im not sure of I really should buy it because im not really sure if I will be able to use it for 3d design. I don't work on it a lot, its for ocasional times, im more dedicated on graphic design using ps, Illustrator, id and Lightroom. My question is, will I be able to use a program for 3d design in special ocassions?

  13. The first Lenovo (not “Lenova” lol) is the only one I would consider. The others would try to murder my wallet. Though the Surfaces are really tempting. If you have the cash I think they are worth it.
    I was previously looking at Lenovo Flex.
    As for I/O ports you could just get a ports dongle/expansion adapter (not sure what they’re called) for cheap on eBay or amazon.

    Btw your second link for the Dell Inspiron 5000 leads to an expired page.

  14. Any idea what 2/1 laptop would be best if I only want to use a capacitive or passive stylus for illustration

  15. But between the new surface pro 7(core i7, 16gb of ram, intel iris plus graphics ), Lenovo yoga 730 (15 inch, core i7, 16gb of ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4Gb), Lenovo yoga c930(core i7, 16gb of ram, integrated intel UHD Graphics 620).
    I'm really confused, I don't know which one is better for graphic design?

  16. This has Really helped me. I'm a graphic design student, just starting out, and my old faithful computer put me down. I kept hearing about the surface book 2, but I wanted something else to choose from with solid reasoning to back up opinions. Thank you for your time and explanations!

  17. Hi, I'm looking at purchasing a laptop / 2 in 1 laptop for college. I will be using different computer programs such as indesign, illustrator, photoshop, auto cad and sketch up etc. I've been looking at a few laptops such as the Dell XPS 13 (not 2 in 1), Lenovo Yoga C930, Lenovo Yoga 730 and the HP Spectre x360. Are there any laptops that stand out from this list or are they all more or less the same? And would you recommend any other laptops that are similar?

  18. I'm very worried to buy such an expensive piece of technology. I am a senior in high school and will be attending an art school pretty soon for illustration. My average $299 HP laptop of 4 years has finally crapped itself and I need a reliable replacement (and upgrade). I looked at all of these within my budget but they seem to have detrimental fallbacks according to reviews. I don't want to spend $700 on something that is going to wig out like my current computer has (super slow, keyboard malfunctions, stuck on update loops, ect) can I trust these computers you suggested will stay on the straight and narrow?

  19. Sir can you recommend laptops specifically useful for product designers. Or will it be ok to go with the once you suggested in this video.

  20. hi:) I am not interested in graphic design particularly but I would like to find a suitable 2in1 laptop so I can write colourful notes as well as just all of my school work (I'll be doing a lot of maths) for my studies starting in september. Will I notice a difference between an i5 or i7 processor? I'll need it for three years and the idea of not having to buy loads of paper and pens which maths requires a lot of really appeals to me

  21. @ 7:21 This is the one I went with.
    I'm a creator on youTube, and use my desktop for video editing, but I want something portable, so I can edit no matter where I am.
    I also do a lot f photo editing, and want the power to use brushes, and control trimming more accurately than using a mouse.
    I have a Wacom, but it gets manotanus to fumble around with it, trying to do things that require me to lift and place the stylus in other spots, only to have it go where I didn't want it to go, LOL!
    I'm hoping that with this, and the included stylis, I can see where I'm poking, instead of hoping it's where I need it…
    It's also on sale at Newegg for $894 from a separate supplier, and $940 direct from Newegg.
    My one and only complaint? It only has one SODIMM, and that limits it to 16gb of RAM…
    How well it works has yet to be seen my me, because I won't get it till Tuesday, LOL!
    I'll keep you updated…

  22. Ones with ideas has no resources.
    Ones with resources has no ideas.
    Ones with both are Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne.


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