Transfer files over WiFi to Your Nvidia Shield Pro TV 2019


Transfer files over WiFi on Android including Android TV
This is a super easy way to transfer files over your network to different android devices, wifi connected devices with the app called fx then get the paid version which is pretty cheap you can easily move files between android devices, you can get this from the google play store on any android device for free then add the paid extension for transferring files over a wifi network

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  1. Hmmm something isn't working for me. Both Nvidia shield and Pocophone on same network. Both under FX trial (FX connect allowed over trial period). The shield is only picking up my TV and not my phone. My phone isn't discovering Nvidia shield. Location on on both devices. Any ideas?.(The Pocophone F1 doesn't have NFC would this be the reason why the shield isn't discovering the phone and vice versa?)

  2. I’ve got a android box which I’ve got connected to my tv I’ve also got amazon 4K Firestick it comes up on both devices fx connect could not establish a connection please try again which I did it doesn’t work I was using es file explorer which work on everything but nothing works on it anymore like cloud that doesn’t work no more network as well doesn’t work properly as well I noticed some of cloud works ok but drive doesn’t work but Dropbox and mediafire works on fx on my Firestick but I have been trying to setup ftp on the Firestick and on the android box but no luck I’m not sure how to set it up.

  3. New subscriber here. I would appreciate a video on how to debloat a one plus 7 pro. Like permanently removing the analytics and non needed google apps.

    I read some articles on the how to’s but they are complex. Hoping maybe you can do a video to simplify

  4. Should I but the nvidia shield if I'm going to use it mainly for streaming and light gaming or should I wait for the new one to come out


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