USB-C audio sucks: Bring back the headphone jack!


Gordon walks us through the differences between USB-C analog and digital based dongles/headphones – and rants about why it’s a mess. Phone makers need to get their **** in order!

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  1. It's true, not all dongle adapters work properly. Some work, some not at all. I also learned this through trial and error, it's frustrating.

  2. I have redmi note 8 pro, connected with usb-c dac to 3,5 mm jack headphones, no audio trough headphones, no audio trough mobile phone speakers, but recognized by Android as connected, any help? It worked fine with my nokia7+

  3. Usb-C is more expensive than the 3.5mm jack ofc.


    But there's a big difference .

    You can use the usb type c to transfer data, connect other device, connect to pc because Bluetooth isn't exactly the best choice to move data from A ➡ B , you can connect pretty much everything.
    For android user there's an App that convert charger port into headphone port , the only "downside" ; you have to turn the app off when ur done with ur headphones; or use a splitter for ur charger and ur headphones and never turn off that App

  4. All this is to force everyone to go Bluetooth & has nothing to do with the environment but actually does more damage to the environment because people are forced to buy accessories

  5. I have the same problem here. I have a road mic lav+ no f phone dongle detecs the mic. I am recording back in my iphone 6

  6. This bullshit was never an issue with headphone jack. With headphone jack there was no dongle, might work might not, etc.. it was plug & play and always worked. #LegacyNOTMeanInferior

  7. 1 YEAR LATER— USB-C is showing up on everything supports audio, video, charging, data transfer, ethernet capability phones are now coming with usb-c headsets and wireless ear buds are producing amazing quality sound and lasting battery with portable charge cases

  8. Digital dongles are clippy and make don't run at full volume when the screen is on. And have a limited max volume 😬🤐


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