What can you do about Content ID claims? – Copyright on YouTube


We’re here to answer your Copyright questions. In this video, we dive into options for resolving Content ID claims. We cover the different steps you can take to resolve a Content ID claim, including some of our tools for removing claimed audio from your video.

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  1. It's ridiculous when there is a claimant for all the video's I put and when I dispute the same claimant decide if he wants to remove the claim or not imagine the claimant has no ground to claim the content I have and I explain the law about my content but instead of youtube dealing with my side of the law and their side, they get to be the judge. for example, I go blindly and claim some content to be mine and in fact, is not mine if the content owner even send me the facts and law about it youtube doesn't do anything and I choose to just say I didn't accept your facts and law 😀 that's the ridiculous part.

  2. I have a copyright claim on a music video, I don't make any money with that video I better delete it, what do you think ? In the past I noticed that YouTube or someone put ads on my videos ( I guess some one made money not me !

  3. I play a song "you are the reason" using my saxophone by myself…. But the video been claim has copyright… How come???

  4. I got copyright striked for using a 5 minute crafts video. It was cut at least 10 times and was also striked for a video that wasnt in it!

  5. Me: volume 1% on a random video while the game can be heard more.
    (Actually happened check out my PickCrafter video then the music isn't the gameplay sound the old video btw)

  6. "We're here to answer your Copyright questions". Then answer me please – Why youtube takedown my video "call of duty 5 – Semper Fi" and hit me very well with community strike. This is a just first mission from this game and it's available absolutely in so many youtube channels. Why youtube decide to takedown only my video wich is the same like the others dozens of such videos posted on youtube. then remove them too. Or I'm so small, not as important as them and that's why youtube takedown only my video?

  7. Can someone help me, I got a copyright claim and it told me that I can trim out a small portion but when I press trim, it trims like everything before that part, how do I fix?

  8. Can you get approved for monetization later of you have a copyright claim on some of the videos? Not a strike, just a claim. Obviously you can't monetize those videos, but to get the monetization for the others

  9. Can you let us replace the music with our original audio that we can upload because we have dialogues in our videos. Hope this option will be available soon.

  10. so if i have an ID claim of the background music and i have 80 watching hrs would that not be counted as watched hrs? or is it just that they wont pay money … because im trying to reach 4000 and this stupid thing came and i cant muted because my voice is muting with them too …. i dont care if they dont pay but i really need the 80 hrs to be counted 🙁

  11. Hey so I have a really different type of question. What if someone is buying fake views on one of your YouTube video? Trying to hurt your channel? I met someone online said they were going to share my video in some groups but I think they bought fake views because the stats don’t match up and they boosted up so suddenly. I’m worried something could happen. Can anybody just do that to anybody’s YouTube video? What should I do??

  12. You forgot to mention the part where the dispute doesn’t go through until you have almost no traffic coming through or once your video is no longer profitable by the claimant. I think claimants should respond within 12-24 hours instead of the amount of time you give them so they don’t abuse the flawed system. Food for thought.

  13. YT's copyright thing is utter trash. I've uploaded E1 with the exact same soundtrack and description (EXACT same!) three times now. Once I've gotten zero claims, then 1, and now 2….

  14. [FIXED] Creators unable to dispute Content ID claims on videos

    I Got that 5 days back This message in YOUTUBE STUDIO Right YouTube Know Issues..What Will I do Please help me for That.But I didn't get any copyright issues on my Videos…Anybody Tell This problem…Please

  15. Hi, I just included 5 seconds of "Mind Your Language" and a couple of pictures from google.
    Does that harm my channel? What shall I do?
    Thanks in advance

  16. if your friend gave you a piece of footage that he let you borrow does that also count as a copyright claim cuz I've seen other YouTubers use what is from other YouTubers which that are their friends and they let them borrow pieces of their video

  17. hey graphic videos such as blood or gore is not aloud YouTube what about doing a video where playing a gameplay and has gore and blood is that okay on YouTube?

  18. Does anyone know what happens if some strikes 3+ of your videos at the same time? Does your channel just get removed straight away? Seems dodgy


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