Why I'm not buying a Windows laptop (Dell XPS 13 vs Macbook Pro)


Ex-Google Tech Lead explains a critical issue with all Windows laptops, and how a 5-year old Macbook still smokes a modern Dell XPS 13 (the modern “Macbook” of Windows). In his quest to find a laptop for his wife, everything goes wrong as he opens what should have been the answer but wasn’t.

But let me know what you think? Post below in the comments!

Macbook Pro:
Dell XPS 13:

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  1. Dude every dell xps has these problems, you need to update drivers for integrated graphics. It will solve issue with tabs

  2. He’s 100% right about setting up. I’m obsessive about the setup as well. I gave up on my XPS 13 because of the camera being at the bottom and the keyboard. I’ve heard the 2020 one is much better.

  3. I like sitting down at my computer actually. I dont like being outside too much. So speak for yourself boss.

  4. The hardware is so important that apple frequently leaves models completely un-updated for up to 4 years at a time. I cannot for the life of me figure out how you are tying having a tidy desk to spending weeks uninstalling bloatware and tweeking a few settings. That should take…mmm….few hours?

  5. I agree that companies should only make a handful of options because looking for a new laptop is giving me anxiety.

  6. Because you can actually afford to buy a Mac—-> real reason isn’t it?

    Dell xps + hackintosh is quite tempting too though

  7. Stop with those trolling "reviews" please. You choose a computer on specs and then complain it does not work well but refuse to take a Surface? A Surface has a 3:2 ratio so even better than Mac as you seem to prefer tall screen.
    Surface does not have the page up and down close to the arrow keys.
    Surface have great track pad, big enough.
    Also, why do you use Safari on Mac but not Edge Chromium on PC?
    Buy a Surface and let's discuss again. Yes, XPS are great PC…on paper.

  8. Judging on basis of tab switching 🤣🤣🤣 hilarious.. Worst review.. This guy no hardware knowledge.. Just self proclaimed genuine..

  9. You're just comfortable with apple products. I'm used to dell laptops running linux, it will be pain for me to switch to macOS or windows. I don't know man, it's all preferences, apple just have better build quality, I don't wanna pay $2000 instead of $1000 for a better build quality. But some people want. And that's fine too. But for me Dell is the way to go.

  10. could the problem be a cpu i5-8250 ? Clock speed seem to be varying from 700 to 3400mhz, you need extra software to put it to max

  11. you have a obsession with order. and you clearly don't like to admit it lol. that maby it made you some point to get fired from facebook. and it is pretty normal. yeah i think you are just saing that becouse u putted your money on apple finance but whe you do you hack work or any heavy works dont even use bouf, there is so many good option like racer blade o main gear etc but you dont like to be to popular becouse the the architecture will be like prime target of hackers. was ware for me to just see one comercial product in this video lol.

  12. 2:36 sorry but I learned to code in a crappy $300 CDN windows 10 tablet and got good so don't say that. Now I got a better PC but setup is not an excuse.


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