XPS 13 9370 v XPS 13 9360 8th Gen i7 v i5 – 2017 Vs 2018 ShootOut Comparison – Classic Style


XPS 13 9370 v XPS 13 9360 – 2017 Model Vs 2018 Model ShootOut comparison

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  1. Hello I'm planning to buy Dell xps 13 or hp spectre x 360 13".
    About Dell xps13 9360 vs 9370
    9360 i7 version for 1150$ approx
    9370 it version for 1150$ approx.
    Can someone please help me.
    Answers will be thoroughly appreciated.
    Budget is 1100$ approx.
    Any other laptop to buy instead of these.

  2. just don't understand that in 2018 PCs still don't have brightness buttons on the top row like Macs, just non sense.

  3. I bought the older model specifically for the Matte Display and ports so although I like Thunderbolt full 4x PCIE support on new version and colour I’m much happier with my choice! As MacBook owner I was sick of dongle life at university!

  4. Watching this from my silver/black 1080p 9370. Got this from Dell as a replacement for my faulty XPS 9343 (2015) a couple of weeks ago, and the difference between the models is huge. I was a bit sceptical, going from matte to glossy screen, but the screen really is beautiful. Also, the trackpad and the overall build quality has been improved in so many ways since the 9343 model. I did like my 9343 very much but it had quite a lot of flaws which made it feel less premium. The 9370 on the other hand feels like laptop perfection to me! And at least here in Sweden, Dell's service has been great, and I feel very safe buying tech from them.

  5. Dell fixed all the problems with the XPS 13 in my opinion. The new one is perfect. Good job, Dell. Not more finger prints, no more mushy keyboard. Thin and light. Quad core. Excellent.

  6. i would rather they kept it at 16 mm and added an 80whr battery/ better cooling there are still no 24hour laptops this ould have been the first one, a 11mm laptop put into a 16mm chassis filled with battries, atleast for the 15inch model i guess being 12mm thick for this model makes some sense

  7. Do you know, or can you find out, wether this laptop will come in the rose gold and White color in Europe? Because i absolutely love it, but i can’t get it.

  8. Great comparison! I sold my XPS 15 9560 i5 and bought the 13 9370 i7. I love this little sexy beast. I can't believe how much cool stuff is packed into such a small package. The 4K touch screen is gorgeous. Feels like the screen on my Pixel 2 XL. Best laptop I've ever owned. It's gonna take a helluva lot for me to go back to a MacBook Pro.

  9. Watching on my new white & rose gold 9370. Couldn't be more pleased. Love the soft texture feeling of the keys and white woven fiber. Really well put together machine!


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